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New AQUATREND Water Workout Station™ 
Turns Pools into Profit Centers
Steven J. Belmonte and Hospitality Solutions LLC brings new, multi-purpose
aquatic work-out station to hotel and resort pools nationwide; 
Affordable, easy-to-install stainless steel gym becomes the
coolest way for guests to work out

Randolph, N.J. — March 7, 2005 — A new water work-out station that is making a big splash among the healthcare community is coming soon to your hotel or resort. The AQUATREND Water Workout Station™, manufactured by Tequesta, Fla.-based Aquatic Trends and distributed exclusively to the hospitality industry by Steven J. Belmonte and Hospitality Solutions LLC, is designed to improve the physical condition of your guests and local patrons, and financial condition of your underutilized, yet open, swimming pool. At the same time, the AQUATREND provides a pleasurable, cool, comfortable way for your guests to exercise.

“Years ago, hotels could entice guests just by advertising that they had a swimming pool,” said Steven Belmonte, president and CEO of Hospitality Solutions LLC. “Today it’s quite different. In fact, for some hoteliers, especially those in the economy or limited-service segment, having a swimming pool can be nothing more than a financial drain on the property. 

“The AQUATREND Water Workout Station™, however, will quickly change all that by leveling the playing field for all hotels with swimming pools, regardless of pool size, location or water features,” he said. “By installing a few AQUATREND Water Workout Stations™ at a property, the hotel then becomes a virtual health club, promoting good physical fitness to travelers and the local community.”

Aquatics reduces travel stress

Studies show that travel induces fatigue and consequently can reduce a traveler’s business performance by almost 20 percent. Of the 405 million business trips taken every year in the United States, approximately 40 percent of travelers develop headaches, back and neck aches or other physical symptoms due to travel-related stress.

“Let’s face it, travel is stressful,” said Milton Velinsky, CEO of Aquatic Trends.. “A quick soak in the hotel pool can be the answer to making guests feel better. But exercising in the hotel pool invigorates guests and helps them relieve their pains via increased blood flow and increased endorphins. Once relaxed, guests are ready for cocktails in the hotel bar, then dinner in the hotel restaurant, followed by a good night’s rest. Now that’s not only important – to some hotel companies it’s the key to building brand differentiation and brand loyalty.”

Velinsky said that working out in a well-maintained, clean swimming pool is typically safer than working out in a hot, sweaty and potentially infectious exercise gym. Using the AQUATREND Water Workout Station gives a person the same or better cardiovascular, strengthening and calorie burning benefits as land-based exercise, he said. This also gives the guest a reason to use the pool, he added.

“Not all guests are professional athletes,” Velinsky said. “Research shows that women travelers and those guests who may be overweight often feel more comfortable working out in water because they are partially covered and because a swimming pool provides a less-intimidating environment than a weight room. Likewise, as the industry draws more elderly travelers, health issues come into play. Providing aquatic exercise helps reduce the pains caused by arthritis, pregnancy and injury recovery, while providing pleasure and good feelings.”

AQUATREND increases revenue

Healthcare today is a $1.8 trillion industry. Hotels looking to increase their revenues would do well to promote good health via aquatics, Belmonte said. Why spend $250,000 to improve the exercise room at just one hotel when an AQUATREND can be purchased for as little as $1,195.00 per unit (or leased for under $1 per day) and accomplish the same results while providing a public service? he said.

“The ways to increase hotel revenue through AQUATREND are limitless,” Belmonte said. “Hotels can sell aquatic memberships to the local community and staff; Re-sell AQUATREND units to guests for use in their home pools; and, Market the AQUATREND online and in all print collateral materials to increase occupancy among all demographics, including: women travelers, elderly travelers and families on vacation who are health conscious yet want to entertain their children.”

With only four machines in the pool, and a modest monthly fee, Belmonte said the AQUATREND Water Workout Stations will pay for themselves in less than six months. Add personal training capabilities at only six hours of one-on-one training per week and the units pay for themselves in only three months. The profit potential with multiple classes and trainers utilizing the machines grows exponentially, he said.

The AQUATREND water work-out station provides 10 Body Sculpting exercises, including standing squats, lateral pull ups, handing leg pulleys, closed-grip pull ups, forward dips, single knee extensions/curls, leg diamonds, abdominal press, reverse abdominal and straight abdominal curl. The Cardio Circuit provides 13 exercises, including: squat and lift, reverse lunge, chin ups, cardio-sprint, single bicep curls, body swings, cardio bobbing jumping jacks, single knee tucks, seat push ups, cardio-seated bicycle, oblique reach, reverse leg pull-downs and cardio-seated bicycle. The Power Circuit, which incorporates aerobic and muscular conditioning, including: lat pull up/body swing combo, closed grip pull-up/reverse curl combo, cardio hurdles, reverse dip abductor/adductor cross combo, hanging curl-skate kick combo, cardio-cross country ski, body pike push-up combo, cardio seat down sprinting, straight curl-alternating elbow and cardio – seat down leg flurries.

“The AQUATREND water workout station is lightweight and compact, simple to install and remove and doesn’t take up valuable pool space,” Belmonte said. “In addition, liability is not an issue. There essentially are not different liability problems than a pool ladder. In fact, in many ways, a hotel gym is a more dangerous place to work out than a hotel pool.”

Belmonte said the AQUATREND Water Workout Station comes with simple assembly and installation instructions, as well as with an exercise card attached to the station. A complete guide to exercises designed specifically for the station also is available. 

Hotels looking to provide their guests with an effective exercise vehicle for all ages while getting more use from their pool and simultaneously increasing revenue and guest loyalty, should consider AQUATREND. For more information, contact Steven Belmonte at 973-598-0839.

About Aquatic Trends

Aquatic Trends is the designer and manufacturer of the AQUATREND Water Workout Station™. The company has not only designed a proprietary product that moves the best of land based fitness and therapy into the water, but has helped promote the benefits of low-impact aquatic exercise. Founded in Florida, Aquatic Trends is now located in Palm Beach County, Florida. Shipping is available to more than 80 countries worldwide. The AQUATREND Water Workout Station is being distributed exclusively to hotels and resorts by Hospitality Solutions LLC. For more information, call Steve Belmonte, Hospitality Solutions LLC president and CEO, at (973) 598-0839 or visit Direct orders can be placed by calling Aquatic Trends toll free at (800) 775-9588 or at (561) 775-3058.

About Hospitality Solutions LLC
Hospitality Solutions LLC, Randolph, N.J., provides new franchise agreement negotiations, franchise termination and liquidated damage claim negotiations, mediation, expert witness, litigation support, motivational speaking, market studies, feasibility studies, on-site analysis and ownership and development assistance to the hospitality and service industries. Company President and CEO Steven Belmonte, former President and CEO of Ramada Hotels, also served as Chairman of the American Hotel & Lodging Assn.’s Educational Foundation and serves on the Board of Directors of Arlington Hospitality Inc. and the Industry Relations Committee for the Asian American Hotel Owners Assn. For more information, call (973) 598-0839, email or visit


Steve Belmonte
Hospitality Solutions LLC
Tel: (973) 598-0839

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