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What's the Point of Offering High Tech Gadgets in
Hotel Rooms When It Provides the Guest
with Total Frustration


by Emmanuel Gardinier, February 2005

In the high tech age we are living in, high end properties are starting to install every piece of tech they can in their rooms, from plasma screens, surround sound systems, DVD players, high end radio alarm clocks, Wi-Fi connections, etcÖ

This trend is fine by me, I am after all a Geek at heart and my home has more computing power and electronic gadgets than NASA had to go to the moon.

What is highly annoying for the guest is that too often those systems are far too complicated for the average user and the average guests donít particularly enjoy spending hours trying to figure how to watch a DVD or listen to some music.

Whatís the point of offering so much tech, when it leaves the guest totally frustrated, or like it happened to me in a Ritz Carlton, when the high-end CD alarm clock started blaring at 4 AM and I couldnít figure out how to turn the damn thing off, and I had to yank the cord.

As I said Iím a geek, Iíve been around computers since the Apple II in 1981, and even I couldnít figure out how to disable the alarm or to reprogram a new time.

Whatever you put in your rooms should follow the K.I.S.S. principle (Keep It Simple and Stupid). Anyone should be able to figure out how to operate your systems, have just one remote, stay away from fancy stuff with tons of settings.

I like the big screen TVís just donít put complicated home theater systems with it. Go for the quality and the ease of operation. This will save you from many complaints, calls, and having to hire a full staff of ďtechno valetsĒ.

Also, if you put in a home theater system, at least make the effort to install all the speakers where they should be, meaning on the Front, Sides, and Back. Too often you see all the speakers bunched up on the top of the TV cabinet, resulting on a poor sound and it shows sloppiness, that you just donít care, that you just want to say you have the gadget, but you didnít go the extra mile to have hit done properly. If you have to do it, do it properly or donít do it.

It has to work with minimum fuss, and the settings should be easy enough to figure so any staff member should be able to make it work. Too many times you walk in a room and you see the Video player flashing  ď00:00Ē on the screen showing that nobody actually cared enough to program the darn thing.

Keep it simple, have your staff trained to make sure the system are properly set up, that the alarms clocks are showing the proper time etcÖ

High end properties should make life easier on their guest, everything should happen before the guest ask for it, what is the point to frustrate him when he just want to watch TV or setup his wake-up time.

Guest satisfaction should be your paramount concern, donít give your guests any reasons to be frustrated just because you want the latest gizmos and it lookís good on your brochure.

K.I.S.S., your guests will thank you.

About the Author:
Emmanuel Gardinier has spent the last 20 years managing properties in over 12 countries and has been committed to give the highest quality to his guests. He his now living in South Carolina and is currently involved in helping properties raise their standard and streamlining their operations.
Emmanuel Gardinier
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