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February 2, 2005 - The need for effective Internet marketing is not new and it is essential to every hotel in today’s web world.  The confusion hotels often face when matching a service to their needs can be overwhelming.  Hotel Web Pro is a new type of service in the sense that it is a single source for all Internet services, including website design, optimization, ad management and booking engine or connectivity.  By tying all of the services together, the hotel will receive better reports and analysis on their website traffic and booking results.

Richard Walsh, president of Hotel Web Pro has been a major part of online travel marketing since the early eighties and has worked with hotels large and small.  In his marketing role with a leading European airline, he was part of the battle with the GDS for equal screen positioning of travel services.  During his term as President of Amadeus North America, he worked with U.S. suppliers and travel agencies to determine new features and capabilities for the newest market entry.  In the nineties, his start-up ventures in both the airline and hotel space included hotel reservations call center as well as cutting edge Internet applications and content aggregation services.  As president of Innovata, an aggregator of airline and hotel content, his company contributed greatly to the development of the U.S. Defense Department Travel Systems (DTS).

More recently, Richard has consulted with both large and small Internet ventures, hotel companies and other Internet based travel businesses to develop successful Internet services.  Richard commented, “The common thread running through all of these businesses has been the inevitable questions; will the service business reduce the cost per sale and make it easier for the travel shopper?   To answer this key question, the most important element to any Internet service is clear reliable reporting on website traffic and sales and the ability to link results to the source.  If your Internet service provider is not working with you to deliver a clear report on your “conversion rate” and possibly tying their prices to their value then you might want to look elsewhere.

Hotel Web Pro will begin operations this month.  As described by Richard “Hotel Web Pro will be a responsible outsource partner for branded hotels, offering services that compliment the services offered by the brand.  For the independent hotels, Hotel Web Pro will provide all of the services needed to compete effectively on the Internet. What separates Hotel Web Pro from similar services is the fact that we offer all of the services needed and we will customize each client’s service package and the pricing is related to projected results.

Richard Walsh commented about his new venture “At Hotel Web Pro, we believe successful Internet marketing is a combination of art and science.  There is a certain artistic element required to create the perfect website and writing high impact optimized website content.  While other aspects of Internet marketing such as organic and paid advertising or email campaigns have to be measured and the results analyzed to determine the best way to move more traffic to the sales channel that offers the best ROI.

The real need that I see and hope to fulfill with Hotel Web Pro is to simplify the Internet marketing process and give the hotels the ability to measure and move market share to their most profitable Internet sales channels.

Hotel Web Pro is an Internet marketing company offering all of the tools and services a hotel or hotel company needs to market and measure results on the Internet.  The company President is Richard Walsh, past President of Innovata, LLC, Vice President of Avis/Wizcom and Reed Publishing Group.  The Hotel Web Pro offices are located in near Atlanta, Georgia.  You can contact Hotel Web Pro toll free at 866-857-5473 or visit the for more information.

Richard Walsh is president of Travel Marketing Dynamics ( and Hotel Web Pro;  Richard has been an innovator of travel marketing for the past twenty years.  He is past president of Amadeus North America, vice president of marketing for Avis Wizcom and President of Innovata LLC.  “My experience has taught me one thing and that is what works today will change tomorrow”.   Please direct any questions to Richard Walsh at or phone (1) 866-857-5473.


Richard Walsh
Hotel Web Pro
204 Canterbury Road
Gainesville, Georgia 30504 
Office: 770-533-9787 / Fax:  781-846-6645

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