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Hospitality eBusiness Strategies and Blue Square
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Strategy to Develop ROI Benchmarks for
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New York, NY - October 7, 2004 - Hospitality eBusiness Strategies (HeBS), a leading Internet distribution and marketing consulting firm for the hospitality industry and Blue Square Studios, Phoenix Arizona, a provider of business solutions for the hospitality industry today announced availability of their Internet Marketing Investment Survey.  The goal of this survey is development of a set of benchmarks that enable hoteliers to create meaningful ROI metrics for their Internet marketing investment, and measure the results against both the competition and alternative channels of distribution.  The survey can be accessed at  Participants will receive copies of the results.

According to Max Starkov, HeBS Chief eBusiness Strategist, "HeBS is one of the pioneers in direct online distribution and marketing in hospitality. Most hoteliers now appreciate how the Internet is critical in creating an effective direct-to-consumer online distribution strategy and clearly understand the competitive advantages of lessening dependence on online discounters to minimize price and brand erosion.  However, what is less clear is how best to invest in the Internet and what resources are needed to maximize the Internet opportunity.  This survey will help create benchmarks for both the required investment and an expected return based on industry norms we plan to establish.

Internet best practices and evolving norms for eMarketing focus primarily on identifying techniques such as website development, search engine strategy, email marketing and pay-per-click marketing to maximize web presence.  However, with a plethora of Internet marketing investment choices, hoteliers need to know not only what is available, but how to best invest to maximize their return and understand their ROI relative to competitive properties by size, city or region, and class.  With this survey, HeBS and Blue Square Studios are initiating a long-term strategy to better inform hoteliers on how to maximize these investments.  Eventually, statistics such as comparative Internet marketing costs, competitive search engine investments, optimizing website development investment and a host of other metrics will be available as a guide in developing budgeting processes for Internet marketing investments.

Shane Ettestad, Blue Square Studios president and CEO, stated "Blue Square Studios builds Internet products based on industry best of practice standards.  This survey will help to enhance and create a benchmark for us to measure the success of new and improved content management, channel management, booking engines, search engine marketing and other Internet related campaigns.  Our goal is to educate and empower industry professionals by giving them the necessary tools to increase RevPar, reduce web related management costs and lower their dependence on third party intermediaries."

About HeBS
Headquartered in New York City, Hospitality eBusiness Strategies ( HeBS) ) has integrated the latest research and best practices in Internet distribution and marketing into a comprehensive set of consulting products and services.  HeBS specializes in helping hoteliers build their direct-to-consumer online distribution and eMarketing strategy.  The firm helps hoteliers regain control of their online brand and price integrity from the online discounters and lessen their dependence on the online intermediaries. HeBS has developed and markets a unique set of products designed to help hotels increase occupancy rates, open new markets, attract more affluent customers and reduce costs by utilizing the Internet and direct distribution to its fullest potential.  The firm brings a unique perspective in the hospitality industry gained through working with over 200 hospitality companies: major brands, independent hotels, casinos, convention bureaus and hotel management companies nationwide and Europe, Asia, Asia-Pacific, North America and Latin America.

About Blue Square Studios
Blue Square Studios ( is a provider of web-based solutions for the hospitality industry. By combining its Hotel Site Toolkit modules with their award-winning designs, Blue Square Studios delivers revenue-generating Web sites and extranets for clients of all sizes. Blue Square Studios clients range from independent hotels to large chains and include Hostmark Hospitality Group, Hilton Hotels Corporation, Enchantment Resort and Woodfin Suite Hotels.

Max Starkov / Jason Price
Hospitality eBusiness Strategies, Inc.
14 E. 60th Street, Suite 400, New York, NY 10022
Phone 212-752-8159

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