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Choosy GMs Choose
Nature’s Mist
Green Suites’ Nature’s Mist Deodorization System Helps award-winning
lodging properties optimize guest satisfaction and room cleanliness
scores while “flexing” smoking/non-smoking room inventories to accommodate all guests and sell to the last room.

UPLAND, CALIF.—September 30, 2004—The 124-room Comfort Inn in Newport News, Va. — a past winner of Choice Hotels International’s “Inn of the Year” and a 10-time+ “President’s Gold Award” recipient — scored a perfect 1000 in a recent room cleanliness audit thanks largely to Green Suites’ Nature’s Mist Deodorization System, said GM Robin Thomas.

Owned by the Crown American Hotel Co., the Comfort Inn is one of literally hundreds of award-winning properties across the globe that is turning on the Nature’s Mist Green Machine to optimize guest satisfaction and room cleanliness in record time at little cost, while ensuring last-minute flexibility with smoking/nonsmoking preferences to accommodate all guests and sell to the last room.

“Everybody says their de-smoking machines work, but Nature’s Mist really does the trick — and it takes just ten minutes to eliminate all types of odors, instead of taking 24 hours with no guests allowed in the room to just temporarily mask just tobacco odor as most ionizing machines do,” Thomas said.

“Nature’s Mist is ‘the real deal,’” Thomas said. “In fact, Green Suites was so confident in Nature’s Mist, that they lent us the machine and a bottle of solution to test it out for a few days. The tests worked so well — we used it everywhere: in our bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, two meeting rooms, the lobby, you name it, and we used the Green Machine to spray the 100% natural fine mist on everything from our ceilings, painted walls, and vinyl wall coverings, to carpet, drapes and furniture — that we signed on almost immediately, and can’t imagine using anything else to help clean our rooms and indoor air.”

The Green Machine

Nature’s Mist is an all-natural, non-toxic proprietary solution completely safe for use around people, pets, plants, food and furniture. The liquid solution consists of more than two dozen plant extracts that neutralize — not cover up  — tobacco odors and other smells and help eradicate related indoor air quality issues. 

“Each molecule of Nature’s Mist bonds with odor molecules to eliminate the most-pungent of smells — arresting odors at the root, branch, limb at leaf levels, so to speak,” said Dan Bornholdt, President of Upland, Calif.-based Green Suites International. “Our Green Machine atomizing sprayer discharges thousands of microscopic Nature’s Mist droplets, allowing the product to reach hidden areas such as mattresses, pillows, bedspreads, heating and cooling ducts, and acoustic ceilings.”

“Just as important, Nature’s Mist is another profitable Green Suites hospitality solution with environmental benefits,” said Ray Burger, VP Sales & Marketing. “Just 1 gallon of Nature’s Mist will deodorize 200 guestrooms, and we offer a ‘pennies per occupied room’ purchasing program option. Taking just two to three minutes per room a few times a month to deploy, Nature’s Mist is proven to pay for itself a hundred-fold with record room cleanliness and guest satisfaction scores, and enviable repeat business and referrals.”   

With 75 rooms equipped with microwaves and refrigerator/freezers, the Newport News Comfort Inn leans on Nature’s Mist for a lot more than eliminating tobacco odor.
“Nature’s Mist is worth its weight in gold for completely eradicating tobacco smells and related clean air issues, but in no way does the system stop there,” Thomas said. “Let me tell you, there’s nothing quite like the smell of burnt popcorn or week-old fish, but with Nature’s Mist we can rest and breathe easy, and so can our guests and housecleaning staff.”

Up to the Challenge

Burger and Bornholdt said they will put Nature’s Mist head-to-head against any ionizing machine any day of the week — but they don’t have to because Nature’s Mist’s customers already have — and The Green Machine came out on top every time.

“We tried ionizers and ozone machines before Nature’s Mist, but we had to clear the rooms of guests and staff to use them, and they took a day to work, often with the odors returning in short order,” Thomas said. “With Nature’s Mist, we make a first and lasting positive impression every time.”

Donna Eaton, Executive Housekeeper at the 197-room Doubletree Club Hotel – St. Louis Airport, said the property has an ionizer that just sits on a shelf collecting dust.
“We mothballed our ionizer a while ago because nothing compares to Nature’s Mist,” Eaton said. “I don’t like the ozone machines or ionizers, and neither do my staff or guests. They just don’t work and they cost a day of downtime in our rooms, whereas Nature’s Mist can tackle almost any odor problem in a matter of minutes.

“With Nature’s Mist, we can convert up to a dozen of our smoking-designated rooms to non-smoking rooms as needed on a daily basis, depending on the guest mix,” Eaton said. “Minutes after spraying Nature’s Mist and removing ash trays, we can place guests with non-smoking preferences in our rooms and be entirely confident that they will have a positive guest experience, We haven’t had a single conversion-related complaint yet, and we’ve been doing this for years. In fact, we get rave reviews for room cleanliness and air quality from guests and quality assurance inspectors alike. With Nature’s Mist, we come out with flying colors every time.”
Eaton said too often smokers hide their preferences and intentions.

“Most smokers don’t like the odor and air in a smoking room. Many will request a non-smoking room and have at it. I’d say this happens with 10 to 12 of our rooms every day — serving as yet another big plus for purchasing Green Suite’s Nature’s Mist.” 

Dog & Pony Shows

Nature’s Mist users said many ozone machines and ionizers are marketed and sold with “smoke-and-mirrors,” and “dog-and-pony shows” that cover up the limitations and costs of the systems much like the ionizers themselves often only cover up, not eliminate, odors. That’s not to say, however, that Nature’s Mist doesn’t play a part in some of these shows.

“Every year, we have about a dozen contestants from a local dog show stay at our property, and they — and the guests that stay in those rooms after them — continue to rate us as ‘Best in Show’ thanks largely to Nature’s Mist,” said Wendell Tucker, assistant general manager of a co-branded property in King of Prussia, Pa., connecting a 68-room MainStay Suites with a 78-room Sleep Inn.

“I used Nature’s Mist at another property and was so pleased with its performance that I brought it here when we opened the facility four years ago,” Tucker said. “We tell everyone about Nature’s Mist quite simply because it really does the job — it’s faster, better and more cost effective and efficient than anything I’ve seen in all my years in hospitality.”

Tucker said he’s committed to Nature’s Mist.

“For a lack of better words, we’re married to Nature’s Mist. We don’t need or want to use anything else,” Tucker said. “The bottom-line benefits of using Nature’s Mist are infinitesimal,” he said. “We can solve all of our guestroom odor and indoor air problems in minutes with one simple, affordable, easy-to-use machine that is completely safe for our typical guests as well as asthmatic or allergic customers, their pets, and our housekeeping and maintenance staff”     

A No-Lose Gamble

Nature’s Mist is “a no-lose gamble” for all properties, according to Monique Jackson, Lodge Manager of the 78-room Cliff Castle Lodge in Camp Verde, Ariz. Owned by the Yavapai-Apache Nation and home to the five-time designated No. 1 Arizona casino,
Cliff Castle Lodge depends on Nature’s Mist daily to ensure the facility doesn’t go the way of a neighboring ghost town named Jerome.

“We’re a hot destination located nearby big draws such as the Grand Canyon and Jerome — but let’s face it, our indoor air quality depends almost as much on Nature’s Mist as it does our cooling systems,” Jackson said. “Today’s energy-efficient heating and cooling systems draw air from outside and re-circulate it, which makes economical sense but can pose some issues on days when the mercury is really rising and body odor and deodorant/perfume levels are escalated. 

“When it comes to keeping our indoor air fresh, clean and odor free, there’s really nothing like Nature’s Mist,” she said. “With Nature’s Mist, we are far better positioned to fill our rooms — as needed, smoking or non smoking — which means we can then reinvest more into our product to further widen further the competitive gap. Nature’s Mist is a longtime clean indoor air player, proven to deliver significant short-term and long-term benefits for lodging properties of all sizes and types in markets across the globe.” 

Breathe Life Into Your Bottom Line

12 Reasons to Use Nature’s Mist & ‘Clear the Air’

1.  According to the American Lung Association, 3 out of 5 people suffer respiratory difficulties.
2.  Asthma rates in children tripled in the 1980s, and related deaths have dramatically increased as well.
3.  One contributing problem is the energy efficiency of our buildings. Air and pollutants are trapped indoors, causing concentrations of such pollutants as pesticides to be more concentrated indoors than outdoors. These and other factors have caused the Environmental Protection Agency to declare Indoor Air Pollution a serious health concern.
4.  Incidences of headaches, congestion, and lethargy can be attributed to reactions to indoor air pollutants. These physical responses relate directly to how patrons feel about their experience at a hotel.
5.  The National Sleep Foundation reports most sleep disorders are caused by respiratory impacted by the quality of the indoor air. Moreover, of the 67% of adults who suffer from sleep deprivation, 37% reported that daytime sleepiness interferes with their recreational and leisure activities by as much as 50%. This means that there is a reduction by as much as 50% in people’s ability to enjoy not only surrounding activities, but also hotel restaurants, gaming and other recreational offerings. One can only hope productivity isn’t reduced by today’s increasingly mobile workforce by 50%!
6.  Clean air isn’t an amenity; it’s a necessity. Hotel rooms historically have worse air quality than most people's homes, and many guests now hail from smoke-free communities. 
7.  A cleaner atmosphere means more-comfortable, happier clientele who studies show will spend more time and monies at properties providing clean indoor air.
8.  Nature’s Mist helps hotels bolster room cleanliness and guest satisfaction scores while preserving their three greatest assets: Repeat customers, the property itself and valued employees who desire, deserve (and sometimes demand through legal channels) a clean-air working environment.
9.  It’s been proven time and again that properties positioned to guarantee their ability to accommodate guests’ smoking/nonsmoking preferences have a significant competitive advantage in landing and retaining business.
According to a JD Power’s study of 13,500 guests of 52 hotel brands across six segments:
10.  Rating how a guestroom smells on a 1–10 scale (10 being outstanding), 62% of guests rating guestroom smell as a 9 or 10 said they definitely would stay again at the property.
11.  Conversely, only 23% of those rating room smell as an 8 or lower said they would return.
12.  Green Suites International offers the Nature’s Mist Green Machine, and its 100% natural proprietary air cleaning/odor elimination solution, for just pennies per occupied room.
Source: Upland, Calif.-based Green Suites International (

Based in Upland, Calif., Green Suites International is lodging’s leading provider of profitable solutions with environmental benefits. For more information on Green Suites International, contact Ray Burger, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, at 888-590-2285, e-mail, and visit


Ray Burger
VP Sales & Marketing
Green Suites International
Tel: (888) 590-2285

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