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Belmonte, Miller Earn Certification from Center for
Public Resources Institute for Dispute Resolution
Institute’s CEO praises newly certified executives for turning “business know-how
into efforts to assist other members of the industry to unravel and solve problems”

Randolph, N.J. — Oct. 18, 2004 — Steven J. Belmonte, founder, President and CEO of Hospitality Solutions LLC, and Hospitality Solutions Vice President Wayne Miller have received the CPR Mediator Certificate from the CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution.

New York-based CPR is a coalition of international members, members of the Fortune 500 and their outside counsel who have been the thought leaders in the development of effective, high-quality alternatives to the high costs of litigation for the business community. Hospitality Solutions, based in Randolph, is a multi-faceted consulting firm specializing in mediating franchisee/franchisor disputes and negotiating equitable franchise agreements.

According to CPR President and CEO Tom Stipanowich, the CPR Mediator Certificate signifies the successful completion of CPR’s Mediator Training Workshop.

“The CPR Mediator Training Workshop exposes participants to the uniqueness of the mediation process,” Stipanowich said. “Participants learn about the power of the mediation process in overcoming impasses that can develop in one-on-one negotiations, the dynamics of mediator practice, and the ethics of the mediation process—all in a setting where the participants get to exercise their new skills and receive constructive feed-back from skilled trainers.

“We were extremely pleased and gratified that Steve and Wayne turned to CPR for their training in light of our history of forging new alternative dispute-resolution applications for the business community,” Stipanovich added. “Hospitality Solutions, to our knowledge, is indeed a first: Two former executives of the hospitality industry have turned their expertise and business know-how about the industry into efforts to assist other members of the industry to unravel and solve problems.”

Stipanovich said that while it is not unusual for non-lawyers to serve as mediators, it’s rare for business executives who are non-lawyers to serve as mediators in business matters.

“But such service makes perfect sense,” Stipanovich said, “since the process invites broad, business-oriented resolutions to be considered, and former execs can assist parties superbly in brainstorming such options thoroughly,”

Which, Belmonte said, has been his goal since he founded Hospitality Solutions two years ago.

“Basically, the franchise negotiation and mediation services we’re offering never existed before—no one specialized in hammering out solid, equitable agreements either at the front end or the back end,” Belmonte said. “Up until now, franchisees had to hire a lawyer for this kind of negotiation—and the chance that the typical lawyer really knows the ins and outs of hotel franchising agreements is pretty slim. In addition, we’re able to come to an equitable solution to franchisee/franchisor disputes in as little as two weeks’ time, in most cases—and in a friendly, businesslike manner and at a fraction of the cost of retaining an attorney to handle the negotiations.

“Our goal at Hospitality Solutions is to have everyone involved in a franchise dispute walk away from the table satisfied,” he added, “and with the excellent training and input we’ve gotten through the CPR Mediator Training Workshop, we’re more prepared than ever to reach that goal. I think what we at Hospitality Solutions bring to the negotiation process can result in a win-win situation all the way around: The franchisee is happy because he’s gotten out of an agreement he wants to be out of—or has been assured that the one we’ve negotiated is fair and solid—and the franchisor is happy because it’s been taken care of quickly, equitably and in a cost-efficient manner.”

Stipanovich confirmed that alternative dispute resolution can indeed save on costs for the franchisor as well as for the franchisee.

“Corporate law departments report savings of as much as $5 to 6 million dollars a year through creative uses of early and alternative dispute resolution programs and other tools for managing disputes,” he said.

About the CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution

Founded in 1979 as the Center for Public Resources, New York-based CPR's mission is to spearhead innovation and promote excellence in public and private dispute resolution, and to serve as a primary multinational resource for avoidance, management and resolution of business-related and other disputes. To fulfill its mission, CPR is engaged in an integrated agenda of research and development, education, advocacy and dispute resolution. For more information, visit the CPR Web site at, e-mail, call (212) 949-6490 or fax (212) 949-8859.

About Hospitality Solutions LLC

Hospitality Solutions LLC, Randolph, N.J., provides franchise agreement formulations and termination negotiation assistance, mediation, consulting, litigation support and expert witness services to the hospitality and service industries. Company President and CEO Steven Belmonte, former President and CEO of Ramada Hotels, also served as Chairman of the American Hotel & Lodging Foundation, serves on the Board of Directors of Arlington Hospitality Inc., is a member of the Asian American Hotel Owners Assn. Industry Relations Committee, and serves as a partner with Belmonte/Lasky Asset Management Inc. For more information, call (973) 598-0839, email or visit


Steve Belmonte
Hospitality Solutions LLC
Tel: (973) 598-0839

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