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 Onity Set to Roll Out Revolutionary “Spread Spectrum” Wireless DDC Device-to-Device Networking in 2005
Booth # 3338
Beta testing now complete and production set to begin on “Spread Spectrum” wireless EMS application, setting the stage for the wireless
property of the future.

ATLANTA — NOVEMBER 8, 2004 — Onity / Senercomm®, the leading global provider of electronic control solutions for lodging applications, has successfully completed beta testing on a landmark new energy-management device—the SensorStat® Wireless DDC. This revolutionary new thermostat control is a wireless radio frequency- (RF) controlled unit which combines Onity’s reliable SensorStat® energy management system with a revolutionary new “Spread Spectrum” wireless device-to-device network platform. The RF wireless DDC makes it possible to provide the SensorStat® energy management system where access was previously impossible or cost prohibitive. It also provides the unique capability of wireless device-to-device networking, allowing other in-room and out-of-room devices to exchange data with each other and with the property network. This includes all EMS devices, such as the thermostat, HVAC controller, door/window switches, and PIR motion sensors, as well as electronic locks, lighting switches, safes, minibars, and any other device operating on the same RF protocol standard. Onity expects to begin full production of the Wireless DDC network during the first quarter of 2005.

"This rollout of this system is a first, gigantic step toward the completely wireless ‘intelligent’ property of the future," said Adam Yapkowitz, Atlanta-based Onity's Vice President of Marketing for North America. "It takes formerly stand-alone electronic devices and creates an in-room network that allows them to communicate with each other. In turn, the in-room network communicates with the floor network and finally the property network. This allows a hotel to create a central ‘command station’ that monitors the status and activity of each device in every room.” 

“With technology advancing at a blistering pace, Onity / Senercomm® continues to set the standard in the hotel industry by continuously developing more cost-effective and innovative solutions that take advantage of these latest advancements in networking ability,” Yapkowitz continued. “The new battery operated SensorStat® Wireless DDC thermostat is the first product to effectively utilize the in-room, wireless, ‘Spread Spectrum’ device-to-device communications platform.  We believe this will not only set the bar for ‘intelligent’ rooms of the future, but entire ‘intelligent’ properties."

The SensorStat® Wireless DDC thermostat combines all the advantages of an energy-management system, including up to 35% savings on the room energy bill, with the added benefits of wireless communication. Some of these benefits include simple, cost-efficient installation; minimal disruption to operations; an expandable system with the ability to add or upgrade at any time (from other in-room devices to entire property networks). Additional advantages of the Wireless RF communications system are the ability to transmit through walls, floors, and other physical barriers unlike traditional IR (infrared) wireless systems, as well as drastically lower power consumption, as compared with IR systems. It also allows inter-room communication between other electronic devices (such as lighting, electronic locks, safes and other in-room or out-of-room devices) and inter-operability between Onity / Senercomm® and other third-party products using the same RF protocol standard.

“Our Wireless DDC Energy Management System is just the tip of the iceberg for the capabilities of wireless networking,” said Mark Keating, Onity’s Director of Research and Development. Through communication with other devices and the PMS, a hotel can fully automate and streamline staff and resource management. Because the system provides virtually unlimited programming capabilities, it can also be customized for the individual needs of any facility, adding such unique features as player tracking for gaming properties, for example. In the past, wireless communication has only been available through infrared.  Our revolutionary new RF ‘Spread Spectrum’ wireless system will serve as the platform upon which all future in-room devices will be linked. The result will be a cost-efficient, quick ROI, in-room system that will set the standard for facility management technology far into the future.”

Onity’s Wireless DDC Energy Management System is set to officially debut at the International Hotel/Motel & Restaurant Show in New York, taking place at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, November 14-16th, 2004. Demonstrations of the system’s capabilities will take place at Booth # 3338.

For more information, please contact Adam Yapkowitz at 770-248-7527, or visit www.onity.com

About Onity

Onity, the leading global provider of electronic locking systems, offers innovative technological solutions and services for the Hospitality, Corporate, Education, Government and Marine markets. The company’s ever-expanding family of electronic solutions today includes electronic locks, related smartcard solutions, in-room safes, and Senercomm® energy-management solutions. Onity has R&D and manufacturing operations in Spain, Mexico and the U.S., as well as an extensive sales and service network that spans more than 115 countries around the globe. With innovative solutions specially designed to meet clients’ changing needs, Onity continues to provide real progress — technological advancements in facility management and maintenance for unparalleled convenience and time and cost savings. 


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Adam Yapkowitz
Vice President of Marketing, North America
Tel: 770-248-7527

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