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Concorde Hotels Enhance Online Reservation System
to Offer Better Advantages for Travel Agents
and Corporate Clients

Singapore - 7 September 2004  - Concorde Hotels, managed by Singapore based HPL Hotels & Resorts, enhance their online reservation system by providing login access for travel agents and corporate clients to access competitive rates and room allotments. This innovative Internet-based reservation system provided by Pelican System allows Concorde Hotels to maintain full control of room rates and room inventory, with real-time information updates and instant confirmation. 

The Pelican System provides Concorde Hotels future technology solution for today, bringing the Concorde Hotels ahead of its other competitors. 

The five Concorde Hotels that have signed up for this service with effect from September 2004 are:

  • Concorde Hotel Singapore – 515 rooms and suites
  • Malaysia – Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur – 570 rooms and suites
  • Malaysia – Concorde Hotel Shah Alam – 381 rooms and suites
  • Malaysia – Concorde Inn Kuala Lumpur International Airport – 423 rooms and suites
  • Australia – Concorde Hotel Gold Coast – 199 rooms and suites
The Pelican System would be able to assist the hotels to increase occupancy and yield through the following services: 
  • Distribute "last minute" rates to travel agents, corporate clients and Internet users – To maximise yield and reduce the possibility of unsold room-nights, hotels would adjust room rates on a weekly or daily basis to conform to seasonal demands and prevailing market conditions.  The Pelican system can distribute announcements and other information instantly to agents and clients throughout the world. 
  • Distribute room allotments – Manually issuing room allotments to individual travel agents and corporate clients is costly, time-consuming, and subject to error.  The Pelican System solves this problem by automating the allotment process. Hotels can determine room allotments for a specific group or type of client, which can then be shared by hundreds or even thousands of agents and corporate clients worldwide, optimising room allocations and providing equal opportunities to all clients. 
  • Distribute costs – Pelican System’s Internet-based technology allows the hotels to make considerable savings in distribution expenses.  Room rates and allotments can be distributed globally at minimal cost. 
“We believe the technology provided by Pelican System gives us an improved system for fast, worldwide distribution of seasonal rates, effective room allotment management and increase occupancy,” said Edmund Nicholas, Vice President - Marketing of HPL Hotels & Resorts. 

About Concorde Hotels

The Concorde Hotels are value for money hotels that cater to both the leisure as well as business travellers.  Each Concorde hotel is conveniently located and provides quality service.  There are five Concorde Hotels in Asia and they are Concorde Hotel Singapore, in Malaysia - Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Concorde Hotel Shah Alam, Concorde Inn Kuala Lumpur International Airport and in Australia - Concorde Hotel Gold Coast, will a total of 2,088 rooms.  For more information, visit

About HPL Hotels & Resorts

Headquartered in Singapore, HPL Hotels & Resorts is a hospitality management company, operated and wholly owned by a Singapore main-board listed, Hotel Properties Limited (HPL).  Associated with some of the most prominent brands, HPL operates luxury resorts, business hotels, theme hotels and hotel apartments worldwide, offering distinct experiences ranging from lifestyle hotels to adventure and eco-tourism.  

Today, HPL Hotels & Resorts manages the activities of 10 hotels and resorts in Asia Pacific and the Indian Ocean, with a total of 2,920 rooms.  These include Concorde Hotel Singapore, Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Concorde Hotel Shah Alam, Concorde Inn Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Concorde Hotel Gold Coast – Australia, Hard Rock Hotels in Bali - Indonesia and Pattaya – Thailand, Casa del Mar in Langkawi – Malaysia, The Lakehouse in Cameron Highlands – Malaysia, and Rihiveli Beach Resort in Maldives.  For more information, visit

About Pelican System 
Pelican is an Internet-based reservation system designed to manage all types of bookings, whether made directly by guests or through travel agents and corporate clients.

For Internet users (direct guests) Pelican will provide instant confirmation of reservations made through a hotel website, and will notify the hotel’s Reservation Department though automatically generated e-mail messages. 

For travel agents and corporate clients Pelican offers a feature called “Online Contracting,” which eliminates the need for paper-based, fixed-term contracts, allowing the hotel to set and adjust rates and allotments instantly according to seasonal period, special events, or unexpected demand. 

Pelican System provides a secure link to agents and clients, allowing hotels to distribute confidential trade rates to pre-authorized recipients, and to share allotments among many agents and clients on a “first-come-first-served” basis. Each agent or client accesses the system directly from the hotel’s own website with a unique login/password combination, allowing the hotel to assign each user to a specific group, and to determine the information and privileges each group will receive.  

With Pelican System, the hotel has complete control at all times, and can easily monitor activity through instantly generated summaries and full reports. 

For more detail about how Pelican System can assist your hotel please visit our web site at

Contact: Pte Ltd

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