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Hidden Eyes® Guard Service Uses Proven Technology
to Help Hotels and Resorts Better Secure Facilities; 
Company’s Various Services Can Provide
Security without Imposing on Guests
SEBRING, Fla. (July 6, 2004) – Hotels and resorts are facing new tests when it comes to securing their facilities.   Today, guests are traveling with laptops, other electronics and valuables eyed by criminals and threats of terrorism are a reality.  According to a June investigative report done by Dateline NBC, many hotels are not meeting this challenge.  Non-guests have been found wandering the floors at night and employees unwittingly providing access to rooms.  The report included victims who have been attacked in their rooms and had valuables stolen.

The hospitality industry faces the challenge of not only developing practices that increase the level of security, but doing it without intruding on the guest experience.   A solution can be found in the high tech services offered by Hidden Eyes Guard Service.  The company can provide greater protection at lower costs.  The services can be used to provide protection in hallways, common areas, parking lots and entrance points.

Hidden Eyes implements video conferencing technology, high-speed Internet access, video cameras, microphones, central monitoring stations, and database management software to provide such services as electronic guard tours, remote escort service, and access control to the grounds or parking garage, and all exterior doors:

  • Electronic Guard Tour:  Security guard costs continue to rise, turnover is high and record keeping is often inaccurate.  By using technology, Hidden Eyes can provide guard services from a central monitoring station.  During the electronic guard tour, trained professionals check the location for any suspicious activity.  Date-and-time-stamped images can be taken and forwarded to authorities in the event of a breach.  Because these professionals are at one monitoring station, they can monitor many locations more efficiently and for lower costs than traditional security guards.
  • Remote Escort Service:  Hidden Eyes can help guests and employees feel safer by providing a virtual escort to a car in a parking lot or other locations on property.  By implementing a series of cameras, microphones, speakers and high-speed Internet connection, professionals can monitor activities in real time, speak to the individual and notify authorities in the event of a threatening situation.
  • Access Control to Grounds/Parking Garage/Doors: Hidden Eyes features a kiosk that transmits video and sound via a secure Internet connection to a central monitoring station.  Guests entering the property stop at the kiosk and are verbally greeted by a service professional based at the monitoring station.  The guest’s reservation is verified, the gate is opened remotely, and the front desk is informed of the guest’s impending arrival to speed up the check-in process.   As the guest is moving through the kiosk, Hidden Eyes stores time-and-date stamped images of the driver’s face and vehicle in its database. This information can be retrieved and instantly forwarded to authorities in the event of a security breach.
Implementing the latest in video conferencing hardware, Internet data transfer and database management, Hidden Eyes Guard Service replaces or enhances traditional guard service to better secure areas where access is restricted.    While the service provides a higher level of security, it is designed to be customer friendly and less imposing on guests at lower costs to the property.

Hidden Eyes can also be used in conjunction with a properly trained security guard.  Instead of burdening guards with administrative tasks and tying them to one location, Hidden Eyes allows a guard to patrol the grounds and increase the level of protection.
Those seeking more information about the patented technology of Hidden Eyes Guard Service can call 877-504-2837, 863-385-6690 or visit



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