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Best Western Saddleback Inn Deploys Netsys
VDSL Solution to Deliver Free High-Speed
Internet Services
Bowie, MD August 24, 2004 – Netsys-America, LLC, the US Sales Representative for the Netsys line of networking products announced today that the Best Western Saddleback Inn of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma has completed the deployment of its VDSL based networking equipment that delivers free high-speed Internet service in all of its 220 guest rooms. High-speed Internet service has now become a required amenity for all full-service hotels and the Saddleback Inn adds this amenity to the long list of other amenities for the benefit and enjoyment of its guests. In addition, the deployment of VDSL-based high-speed Internet service has exceeded the technical and timeframe requirements of Best Western International’s high-speed Internet access (HSIA) initiative announced in January.

Since the announcement of Best Western’s HSIA initiative, Pat Powell, Saddleback Inn’s General Manager, searched for a solution that would meet their technical, budget, and support requirements. "We began our homework on this project 9-10 months before we finally purchased and we consulted and received bids from at least a dozen vendors," states Powell. "The quality of the product and the pricing alone were enough to cause us to choose Netsys. However, the difference in attitude, customer service and knowledge of the Netsys staff along with the sincerity they expressed in wanting us as a customer for the long term made it an absolute no-brainer decision. Netsys had the most attractive bids on HPNA and VDSL equipment, but their VDSL equipment was so much more reasonable than the other vendors that we decided to spend a little extra on VDSL to achieve the huge growth potential in bandwidth" Powell explains. The greater bandwidth capability of VDSL positions the Saddleback Inn to offer future revenue generating applications such as Video-on-Demand (VoD) without having to upgrade their equipment.

The Netsys VDSL solution includes ten (10) NV-2400S 24-Port Managed VDSL Concentrators, two hundred and twenty (220) NV-200 VDSL CPE Modems, and one (1) NS-2024S HyperConnect 24-Port Managed GigaSwitch. The NV-2400S VDSL Concentrators are located in Saddleback’s computer room along with the NS-2024S and feature layer 2 switching functionality including VLAN support and provide 24 ports of high-speed connectivity with symmetrical speeds up to 15Mbps and distances up to 5,000 feet over existing phone lines or network grade cable. The NS-2024S Ethernet Switch connects the NV-2400S units to the Saddleback’s plug n’ play IP gateway, firewall/router, and ultra high-speed DSL service. The NV-200 VDSL CPE Modems are located in the guest rooms and provide connectivity to the in-room telephones and guest computers. The Netsys VDSL products utilize the Saddleback Inn’s existing phone lines for phone and high-speed Internet services, thus greatly reducing the cost of the deployment.

To further reduce the cost of deployment, the Saddleback Inn decided to self-install the equipment. “With the support provided from Netsys, the installation went very smoothly,” states Jim Smith, Saddleback’s Chief Engineer who led the installation. "The few issues I did have to track down were related to corrupt phone lines at our property. Troubleshooting and replacing these phone lines was made easier by the fact that I did not have to deal with issues with the Netsys equipment, which has proven to be extremely reliable,” Smith further explains.

The Saddleback Inn’s high-speed Internet solution provides their hotel guests with “wired” plug and play high-speed access that allows guests to utilize the service without having to reconfigure their computers. Most hotels offer free “wireless” Internet service, which requires laptop computers to have built-in wireless functionality, a wireless PCMCIA card, or an external wireless Ethernet bridge. In reality, only a small percentage of guests are equipped to utilize free wireless service and hotels are charging up to $10 per day for rental equipment. Therefore, free high-speed Internet service is not always accessible to the majority of hotel guests and it is not always free. “Our Internet service really works for our guests, it’s free, easy, blazing fast and everyone is loving it,” states Powell.

Although the selection process took a long time, the Saddleback Inn is very pleased with its purchasing decision and installation, which turned out to be a rewarding experience. "We have a complex variety of technology systems at our property and we deal with dozens of different hardware and software vendors and support. I have had few if any experiences in technology purchases and service that have been as pleasant and trouble free as this one," compliments Powell.

For additional information on Netsys products and solutions, visit or call 1-877-638-7971.

Best Western Saddleback Inn is one of Oklahoma City's finest full service hotels located at 4300 S.W. 3rd Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73108. The Saddleback Inn features professional and friendly staff, fresh open-air southwestern decor as well as a soothing and relaxed atmosphere. From the attractive lobby, the gift shop, Rustler's Saloon and the Arizona Grill Restaurant to its conference rooms, five-story observation tower along with its convenient central location, make the Best Western Saddleback Inn the best choice in Oklahoma City lodging. For toll free reservations, call 800-228-3903.

Netsys-America, a Limited Liability Company headquartered in Bowie, Maryland, is the US Sales Representative for National Enhance Technology Corporation of Taiwan and the Netsys line of networking products. Netsys-America offers the finest quality Networking Products directly from the manufacturer to ensure the best possible value for its customers. Netsys products include VDSL, HPNA, Ethernet Extenders, Routers, Ethernet Switches, Hotspot IP Gateways, and Wireless Products. All Netsys products are readily available and typically ship same day.


Bob Thompson
Netsys-America, LLC
Bowie, MD
Phone: 301-464-9789
Toll Free: 1-877-638-7971
Fax: 301-464-9190


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