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  Crowne Plaza Tackles Guest Sleep Deprivation; Brand's
Sleep Advantage Program Provides Seven Pillows
per Bed, Ear Plugs, Eye Masks and More
ATLANTA (May 6, 2004) – More than half of business travelers say they don’t get enough sleep on the road, according to the 2003 National Business Travel Monitor survey.  To help alleviate this mounting sleep debt, Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts today unveiled an industry-leading approach to ensure that business travelers – and all guests – experience a good night’s sleep. 

The hotel brand’s new Sleep Advantage encompasses the entire sleep experience, from training staff on how to create and maintain a restful environment to providing innovative products and services. Program components include new bedding, guaranteed wake-up calls, designated quiet zones, night lights, drape clips, sleep CDs, sleep tips and amenities such as eye masks, ear plugs and lavender spray.  The Sleep Advantage is available at all Crowne Plaza hotels in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. 

“We understand that it takes more than a comfortable bed to get a great night’s sleep,” said Kevin Kowalski, vice president of brand management for Crowne Plaza. “Our aim is to help business travelers perform their best when away from home.”

Effects of Sleep Deprivation

Forty percent of adults report that they are so sleepy during the day that it interferes with their daily activities, costing $45 billion a year in lost productivity, increased healthcare bills, and expenses related to traffic accidents . The Crowne Plaza Sleep Advantage is designed to address sleep deprivation by creating an environment conducive to consistent sound sleep. The result of more than 12 months of planning and study, Crowne Plaza interviewed guests and business travelers and collaborated with Dr. Michael Breus Ph. D.  One of the nation’s foremost sleep-disorder experts, Breus is a diplomate of the American Board of Medicine and co-founder of Sound Sleep, LLC. 

“Crowne Plaza is the only hotel brand taking a holistic approach to address the entire sleep environment, from bedding and night lights to wake up calls and quiet zones,” said Breus, the ‘Sleep Expert’ on WebMD.  “It is amazing that the impact of sleep disorders on our health, wellness, performance, productivity and safety goes unrecognized.”

Through the Sleep Advantage, Crowne Plaza recognizes two important travel-related stress conditions. The “First Night Effect” occurs when trying to sleep in an unfamiliar environment and the “On-Call Effect” is caused by the constant worry that something is destined to disturb sleep (anxiety over wake-up call, hallway noise). 

Crowne Plaza addresses the “First Night Effect” by creating the most comfortable and relaxing environment possible, starting with the bedding. The new bedding consists of natural-colored duvets, mattress toppers, cotton blankets and plush pillows. Guests will also find an in-room drape clip for that distracting sliver of sunlight that peeks through the window in the morning.  A night light provides soft lighting and helps guests navigate an unfamiliar room during the night, and a sleep kit complete with ear plugs, an eye mask and lavender spray is also available for guests.

Crowne Plaza also has taken steps to reduce the “On-Call Effect” by offering a guaranteed wake-up call and “quiet zones.”  Under the guaranteed wake-up call, if guests do not receive a requested call, then their night is free (room and tax).  Additionally, each hotel now designates at least one floor a “Quiet Zone” on Sunday through Thursday nights – prime time for business travelers who do not want to be disturbed with unwanted noise. 

The Crowne Plaza Sleep Advantage
Fact Sheet

The Crowne Plaza Sleep Advantage is a holistic program that aims to create an environment conducive to sound sleep. The Sleep Advantage was developed by Crowne Plaza in conjunction with Dr. Michael Breus, co-founder of Sound Sleep, LLC. It provides sleep amenities and services that offer Crowne Plaza guests all the tools necessary for a great night’s sleep.

GUARANTEED WAKE-UP CALL Guests never have to worry about getting up on time – Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts is introducing a Guaranteed Wake-Up Call. If guests do not receive a requested wake-up call, they will receive a refund for the affected night’s stay (room rate and applicable taxes only). 

QUIET ZONES At each Crowne Plaza hotel, at least one floor is a designated “Quiet Zone” Sunday through Thursday nights. Quiet Zones will feature:

  • No room attendant activities (unless requested by guest) on the floor between 9 p.m. and 10 a.m. 
  • No engineering or renovation activities (unless requested by guest) on the floor between 9 p.m. and 10 a.m.
  • No children, groups or leisure travelers assigned to rooms in the zoned area
  • No rooms near an elevator and ice machine 
  • Auto door closures that don’t slam when entering or departing rooms in the quiet zone
BEDDING/LINENS Crowne Plaza is introducing new bedding in all guest rooms. The bedding includes natural-colored duvet covers, mattress toppers, and 100 percent cotton blankets. Each bed will also have seven pillows, and guests can request feather or down for their sleeping pillow. Decorative touches include euro pillows and dust skirts in either blue, burgundy, gold or green. And, so guests always know where they are, each bed has a decorative pillow complete with the Crowne Plaza logo.

Drape Clip – For that distracting sliver of sunlight that may peek through the window in the morning, Crowne Plaza now offers an in-room drape clip. Guests will never have to worry whether their drapes are closed completely again.

Nightlight – Light disturbs our internal biological clocks and can affect sleep. A recent Japanese study revealed that even the light from a laptop computer can keep people awake. Crowne Plaza’s new nightlight provides soft lighting so that if guests wake up in the middle of the night, they won’t be shocked by unfamiliar surroundings…and they’ll still be able to find that glass of water.

Sleep CD – Each guest room will have the Crowne Plaza-developed Sleep CD & Tips. The audio program,  developed in conjunction with Dr. Michael Breus of SoundSleep Solutions, can help relieve stress by guiding guests through physical and emotional relaxation processes, accompanied by soothing music.

Sleep Kit – The kit includes ear plugs, an eye mask and lavender spray. These additional amenities can help control environmental factors, such as unwanted light and noise. 

With more than 200 hotels in 49 countries, Crowne Plaza hotels are located in major urban centers, gateway cities and resort destinations worldwide.  For reservations, call 1-800-2-CROWNE or visit 

InterContinental Hotels Group PLC of the United Kingdom [LON:IHG, NYSE:IHG (ADRs)] is the world’s most global hotel company and the largest by number of rooms. 


Stephanie Bezner
Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts

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