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Booth # 312 at HITEC June 22-24 2004 Dallas Texas
Problem 1:  Effective Yield Management of Internet Wholesalers worldwide has been a daunting, time consuming, and frustrating task.

SOLUTION: EZ YIELD.com™ provides the hotelier the ability to simultaneously update rates, allotments, and inventory restrictions on all of their Internet Wholesalers in a 100% impartial and effective manner.

Problem 2:  Hotels need to be competitively positioned on Internet Wholesalers. Many hoteliers complain when dealing with 5, 10, 20, 30 or more travel websites. They are so engrossed in trying to effectively update rates and inventory that they do not have time to work on the relationship part of the business.

SOLUTION: With EZ YIELD.com™, managing the extranet side of the process can now be fully automated, allowing you to focus most of your time and effort to building the market manager relationship, and driving more revenue to your hotel.

Problem 3: Website automation needs to be 100% effective in that it can manage ANY website (not just 3 or 4) and is 100% neutral in the way it performs. The software employed should be impartial to both the hotel and the travel website. For example: having an online travel wholesaler try to automate the rate and inventory of YOUR other travel websites would be considered by many in the industry as highly unethical. 

SOLUTION: EZ YIELD.com™ provides the hotel the ability to fully automate ALL of its Internet Wholesalers and online travel websites in a 100% impartial, neutral and ethical manner.

IT’S as EASY as 1, 2, 3

  1. Enter Date Range(s) to Update 
  2. Enter GLOBAL Rate, Allotment and Inventory Restrictions 
  3. Press YIELD NOW 
In one minute, or the time it took to read this article, you could have YIELDED   5, 10, 20, 30, or more EXTRANETS, on one interface, simultaneously. 
EZ Yield.com changes extranet management from HOURS into MINUTES!!! --- Use all those extra hours for Sales Development Time rather than data entry time. 

LEARN MORE ABOUT EZ YIELD.com™, and see a LIVE DEMONSTRATION at www.ezyield.com

SEE EZ Yield in Action at HITEC – Booth # 312

Edward St. Onge, President and Co-Founder of EZ Yield.com was recently quoted: “EZ Yield.com allows hoteliers to get an edge over its competitors, by streamlining the updating process to just minutes, while your competitors may take hours and days to effectively manage their internet wholesalers.” 

“EZ Yield.com allows hotels to aggressively manage their internet campaign, and make the internet a yield-managed source code, rather than a price-driven source code.” 

Henry Danish, CEO and Co-Founder of EZ Yield.com stated that “the internet wholesaler industry, as it relates to hotel revenue management, is in dire need of yielding standardization.”  “We have translated this need into a simple to use, yet technologically advanced web-based program that has been welcomed with open arms by the hotel industry.  I am confident that with the ease of use and time saving features our program offers, every revenue manager in the industry will have this website on their wish list.”

EZ Yield Benefits:

  • Saves Time and money:  EZ Yield allows you to update all your sites in the time it takes to yield ONE!  Typical time cost savings of 40-50 hours per month per hotel 
  • Increased Internet Exposure:  EZ Yield can manage as many sites as you require with the click of a button --- this allows you to manage and/or  increase the number of Online Wholesalers,  putting your property in front of a larger audience. All of this with no added time investment! 
  • Increased Revenue:  less time spent managing websites and more websites sending you customers. 
  • Fast and Accurate: SPIDER will update within minutes of your submittal. You have the ability to print Manager Reports of all updates to your contracted web sites to confirm your changes. 
  • Total control of your inventory: EZ Yield allows you to update rates, inventory and restrictions on your contracted web sites with the click of a button. 
  • Designated account manager to help implement, maintain and provide advice in the operation and maintenance of the EZ Yield site 
  • Low cost to use: In most cases, the flat monthly cost is less than the price of a room night. 
  • Capture your share of the 20% internet business generated by small and medium websites. 
  • Full automation means costly travel website errors are no longer an issue (i.e. forgetting to close sites out when you are sold out)"
  • Brand Rate Guarantees:  Using EZ Yield.com’s SELLING RATE parity functionality GUARANTEES your hotel will comply with your BRAND RATE GUARANTEE !
At their Hitec press conference Tuesday June 22nd 10.30 to 10.50 AM, Ed St. Onge, President of EZ Yield.com, Inc. will discuss the present and future of the online travel distribution management industry.

Experience EZ YIELD for yourself !!! 
For more information or an online demonstration contact: 




481 SR 434 North, Suite 117
Altamonte Springs, Florida 32714

Gary Lobo
VP of Sales and Marketing
EZ Yield.com 
407-629-0900, Ext. 29
Email:  globo@ezyield.com

Bill Connor
National Accounts Manager
Email: bconnor@ezyield.com
407-629-0900 Ext. 15


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