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Pelican Announces the Launch of

April 13, 2004 - Pelican Hotel E-distribution and Reservation system recently announced the launch of, a web-based facility providing a direct connection between hotels and retail agents. Through, hotels will be able to build their own global network of travel agents, using the advanced database and security technology of the Pelican system to distribute confidential room rate and allotment information to large numbers of pre-approved recipients.

Through retail travel agents, like the general public, will be able to view descriptions of hotel facilities and other relevant information. However, if the agent wishes to obtain special room rates and allotments, he or she can apply to become a member of that hotel’s network of retail agents. Upon approval, the hotel will issue the agent  with a login/ password combination granting secure access to relevant room rate and room allotment information. Agents will be able to make direct bookings through the hotel’s own website without the need to manually negotiate confidential rates or confirm room availability. is pioneering “Online contracting”, which allows hotels to share room allotments among large numbers of agents and clients, adjusting allotment shares “on-the-fly” by accepting reservation requests on a “first-come-first-served” basis. Secure transaction technology allows hotels to distribute promotional room rates and other confidential information to hundreds of pre-authorized agents and corporate clients at a fraction of the cost of facsimile or surface mail. 

“Online contracting” has the potential to redefine the hospitality industry. By eliminating the need for numerous intermediaries between hotel and guest, hotels can offer increased service levels and explore new markets, while guests can enjoy better, direct rates and more flexibility in travel arrangements. gives participating hotels numerous benefits, including:

  • Dealing directly with travel agents to eliminate mark-ups and other charges imposed by intermediaries. 
  • Introducing your hotel to travel agents around the world. 
  • Expanding your network of travel agents. 
  • Fostering a closer relationship to your agents through direct booking.

Visit Pelican stand at HITEC. 2004 – Dallas . 
Stand 1720  (June 22 – 24 ‘2004)

About Pelican hotel e-distribution and reservation system.

Pelican is an Internet-based reservation system designed to manage all types of bookings, whether made directly by guests or through travel agents and corporate clients.

For internet users ( direct guests ) Pelican will provide instant confirmation of reservations made through the hotel web site, and will notify the hotel’s reservation department though automatically generated e-mail messages. 

For  travel agents and corporate clients Pelican offers a feature called “Online Contracting,” which eliminates the need for paper-based, fixed-term contracts, allowing  the hotel to set and adjust rates and allotments instantly according to seasonal period, special events, or unexpected demand. 

Pelican system provides a secure link to agents and clients, allowing  hotels to distribute confidential trade rates to pre-authorized recipients, and to share allotments among many agents and clients on a “first-come-first-served” basis. Each agent or client  accesses the system directly from  the hotel’s own web site with a unique login/password combination, allowing  the hotel to assign each user to a specific group, and to determine the information and privileges each group will receive. 

With Pelican system,  the hotel has complete control at all times, and can easily monitor activity through instantly generated summaries and full reports. 

For more detail about how Pelican system can assist your hotel please visit our web site at

Contact: Pte Ltd

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