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The Watt Stopper and Green Suites International Join
Forces to Provide Energy Saving Nightlight Sensor
SANTA CLARA, CALIF.— Jan 7, 2004 --- The Watt Stopper, Inc. announces a collaboration with Green Suites International to market and distribute an energy-saving motion sensor nightlight switch for hotel guest bathrooms. 

The Watt Stopper developed the WN-100 Motion Sensor Nightlight Switch based on the results of a study conducted by the Lawrence Berkeley National Labs (LBL). The study tracked lighting usage and energy consumption patterns in hotel guestrooms. Dr. Michael Siminovich of LBL said, "We found that one of the largest energy saving opportunities ... is eliminating the unnecessary extended operation of the bathroom fixtures. More than 75% of the energy used ... occurs during the occasion that they are left on for more than two hours at a time." 

The WN-100 – which replaces a standard wall switch in guest bathrooms – uses passive infrared technology to turn lights off when the space is vacant. When lights are off, a highly efficient, super bright LED provides a nightlight as a convenience and a comfort to guests. In response to the announcement, Ray Burger of Green Suites International said, "We are pleased to offer the WN-100 to the lodging industry - it saves energy, enhances guest satisfaction and increases profitability." 

WN-100 Motion Sensor Nightlight
System Information
  • Built-in nightlight illuminates room whenever overhead lights are off
  • Energy efficient, super-bright LED
  • Designed for hotel rooms and semi-public spaces
  • 120 VAC, 60 Hz operation
  • Terminal style wiring simplifies installation
  • Adjustable time delay from 15 minutes to 2 hours
  • 180° coverage, maximum of 300 sq ft
  • Manual-ON or Auto-ON operation
  • Impact resistant hard lens
  • Five year warranty; UL and CUL listed
System Information
The WN-100 from The Watt Stopper is a motion sensing wall switch and nightlight that controls lighting based on occupancy. Designed for installation in hotel rooms and other semi-public spaces, the WN-100’s nightlight remains on whenever lights are off, providing constant illumination in the space and energy savings through reduced usage of overhead lighting.

The WN-100 uses passive infrared (PIR) technology to detect occupancy. Detection occurs when the WN-100 senses the difference between infrared energy from a human being in motion and the background space. The WN-100 is factory set to Manual-ON operation, where users turn lights on by pressing the ON/OFF button. Because in many cases, the nightlight provides ample illumination, Manual-ON operation eliminates the potential for unnecessary use of overhead lighting, maximizing energy savings. However, the WN-100 can be set to Automatic-ON, where lights turn on automatically when the space is occupied. The WN-100 automatically turns lights off after a space becomes vacant and a preset time delay elapses.

The WN-100 incorporates a unique nightlight that illuminates whenever lights are off. The nightlight uses LED technology which consumes only a marginal amount of energy. When necessary, this feature can be disabled. The WN-100 also features a DIP switch selectable installer set-up mode. In this mode, installers select Manual-ON or Automatic-ON operation, as well as time delay, via convenient push-button programming. In addition, contractor-friendly terminal wiring system eliminates the need for twist connectors, making installation quicker and easier. The Watt Stopper’s Zero Crossing Circuitry protects the WN-100’s relay from the harmful effects of inrush current and increases product longevity.

The WN-100 was primarily designed for use in hotel guest bathrooms, but can also be used in other spaces, including military housing and healthcare facilities. The nightlight feature is a highly energy efficient method for illuminating a space, providing convenience and safety to occupants. Furthermore, in hotels, guests will receive constant nightlighting and will no longer need, or be able, to leave their bathroom lights on all night, resulting in energy savings.

About The Watt Stopper 
The Watt Stopper, Inc., a Legrand Group company, is a leading manufacturer of lighting control products for commercial buildings, schools, retail stores and hospitality facilities. The Watt Stopper's wide range of products provide buildings with the best control strategy for optimal energy savings, including indoor and outdoor occupancy sensors, day-lighting controls, lighting control panels, plug load controls and energy auditing tools. For More Information on The Watt Stopper contact Mary E. James, Marketing Communications Specialist, at 925-454-8254, email, and visit

About Green Suites International
Based in Upland, Calif., Green Suites International is lodging’s leading provider of profitable solutions with environmental benefits. For more information on Green Suites International, contact Ray Burger, VP Sales & Marketing, at 888-590-2285, e-mail, and visit


Ray Burger
VP Sales & Marketing
Green Suites International
Tel: (888) 590-2285

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