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Nalco Develops Technology That Will Save Hotels
Thousands of Dollars in Water & Energy Costs
NAPERVILLE, IL — November 10, 2003 — Nalco Company announced today that it has developed new technology that can save hotels thousands of dollars each year through improved water and energy conservation, and extended equipment life.  3D TRASAR®, Ondeo Nalco’s revolutionary diagnostic and control system, detects upset conditions in hotel cooling systems and takes rapid, cost-saving corrective action.

“Nalco has developed a system that predicts when water and energy wastage in air conditioning systems is likely to occur or when events will lead to complete failure of a hotel’s air conditioning system.” Dr. Rao, the Ph.D. scientist spearheading the new technology, explained.  “Once inefficient use of water or energy is predicted, the system automatically takes corrective action to prevent the wastage, potentially saving a hotel thousands of dollars each year.” 

Typically, a full-service hotel with more than 200 rooms has a centralized air conditioning system.  At the heart of most centralized hotel air conditioning systems is an electrically-driven chiller. A chiller is essentially a large refrigerator.  Chillers are expensive machines to run due to their high demand for electrical power. 

At an average of $0.05/kWh for electricity, it costs $45,000 - $55,000 per year to operate a chiller in a medium size hotel in warm climate locations.  Larger hotels generally operate multiple chillers simultaneously and can consume well in excess of $100,000 per year in electricity.  In areas with high average electricity rates annual electricity expenses for chiller operations can exceed $200,000 for a 1,000 room full-service hotel.

In poorly maintained systems it is not uncommon for a chiller to appear to be operating normally, though it may be operating 20%-30% inefficiently.  In other words, an inefficient chiller will still perform its intended function – it will just cost more money to do it.  For instance, if the chillers in that 1,000 room full-service hotel were just 25% inefficient, it would cost an extra $50,000 per year to provide the same amount of air conditioning for the same number of guests. 

Events that lead to such inefficiencies generally involve complex interactions between water quality, air conditioning system mechanical design and system operational practices.  Events associated with those that cause inefficient chiller operations can result in more than wasted water and energy, however.  In severe cases air conditioning systems can fail altogether due to deterioration of the system’s materials of construction.  When that happens uncomfortable, dissatisfied guests often checkout early and the hotel’s brand image suffers.  At the same time, the associated repair costs can run tens of thousands of dollars, with the repairs taking days or weeks to complete.  As with excess energy expenses resulting from inefficient chiller operation, the most severe cases of system materials deterioration can now be permanently avoided.

Well-maintained cooling systems generally operate within their acceptable control range more than 80% of the time.  However, costly operational problems often occur during the 20% of time when a system is not under proper control.  The 3D TRASAR technology detects upset conditions and takes appropriate corrective action.  It also reports these events back to system operators, alerting them that further action may be necessary.  Operating conditions that may lead to excess water and energy consumption, or deterioration of expensive cooling equipment are automatically detected and corrected by 3D TRASAR.

About Nalco Company
With over 75 years of experience solving water and energy related problems for our customers, Nalco is the premier global water treatment company providing water treatment expertise to the lodging industry.  We provide solutions to both simple and complex problems associated with the use, reuse and conservation of water.  Our expertise spans the complete spectrum of mechanical, operational and chemical techniques for saving you money through smarter and more efficient use of energy, water and water-reliant systems.  Nalco is an Avendra preferred supplier, as well as an Allied Member of the American Hotel & Lodging Association.

For more information about 3D TRASAR, please contact any of the following:

Bruce Bedford
Industry Development Manager, Lodging
Tel: +1-630-305-1916

Jeff Oloier 
Key Account Manager, Avendra
Tel: +1-630-305-2882

Pete Athens 
Key Account Manager, Gaming & Casinos
Tel: +1-630-305-1121

TRASAR is a registered trademark of Nalco Company.


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