The Results Are In...Signature Shares Outcome
of Customer Satisfaction Survey
COLUMBUS, Ohio (December 2003) Signature, Inc. (Dublin, Ohio), a leading provider of legendary training solutions to numerous industries and the largest hospitality training company in North America, partnered with Intellectual Capital Consulting (Atlanta, Georgia), to design and implement a customer satisfaction survey.  The survey will serve as a benchmark measurement of Signature client satisfaction in four areas; training, ongoing reinforcement, business partnership and communication.  The survey was a web-based survey inviting Signature clients to participate via an email link.  This was a fourth quarter initiative for Signature.

"The response rate was more than we anticipated and the feedback will be extremely helpful to us in directing our future efforts.  We can never stop looking for better ways to serve our clients," said Don Farrell, Signature Chairman.

On the day the survey results were shared, the employees of Signature begin to determine the operational steps necessary to improve Signature programs.   Plans call for Signature to annually administer a satisfaction survey in the second quarter of each fiscal year beginning in 2004. 

"The great thing about our survey is that the information we gathered was both quantitative to provide us benchmarking and qualitative to help us understand exactly what our customers value most and in what areas they would like to see us improve.  The most exciting thing was how much our respondents had to say.  Not only did we have a good response rate, but the amount and length of comments were also significant in that it said to us our customers are loyal, they want and need our help, and truly see us as partners in the solution to the business challenges they face.  Our staff embraces the concept of innovation and because of that there is a flurry of energy and ideas brewing throughout the company as to how we can improve.  It's going to be an exciting year for us and if we do it well, it will be exciting for our customers too," said Becky Wolever, Signature Executive Vice President of Operations.

Respondents to the survey consisted of presidents/owners, vice presidents, multi-property managers, managers and supervisors from all industry and market segments served by Signature. It included clients who have been with Signature less then six months to clients who have been with Signature for over ten years.

"Overall, the outcome was very positive and believe me we set our standards very high.  It's all about trying to understand the customer and staying in touch with their needs.  I see the survey as a means to build customer loyalty.  Word of mouth has been one of our best sources of new business," claimed Don Farrell.

About Signature

Signature is a recognized leader in providing business and training solutions that maximize revenue for clients.  It currently serves over 5000 clients worldwide and offers one-of-a-kind reinforcement programs that guarantee success.  The company has a field-based training network expanding throughout the world with a centralized call center located in Dublin, Ohio.  Signature was established in 1986, is headquartered in Dublin, Ohio, employs more than 250 associates and has licensees in Brazil, Uruguay, and Greece.  For more information visit the web site at www.legendary.net or call 1-800-398-0518. 

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