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 Management By Happiness
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Anuraag Mullick, CHA - May 2003

Here is something that I have been doing and I thought I would send this to you (even if it is only for academic reason), for your thoughts on the subject.

While studying in Hotel Management Schools, we were taught about MBO (Management by objective). I found it very interesting and studied the subject in detail. Then later on in my career practiced it, preached it etc etc.

In one of the company meetings, another form of MBO was brought up, this time it was “management by outcome”.

Immediately I thought about my previous MBO and how things have changed since. It was very interesting.

Days Inn Conference Center Meadville
18360 Conneaut Lake Road
Meadville, Pennsylvania
For the past several years, I have been forming my own so to say MB… only this time I call it MBH…. (Management By Happiness). It is only now that I am trying to formalize this concept though I have been unconsciously following this for many years already.

I think MBH summarizes it all. If we are happy, our “Objectives” will be met, if we are happy our “Outcomes” will be positive.

How do we measure MBH?. Well one way will be guest retention, another will be staff retention, another will be lender/investor retention. So on and so forth.

To try to keep everyone happy, some of the things that I am doing are: 

  • In the daily revenue meeting, I ask someone to come up with a “joke of the day”. It helps lighten the atmosphere and puts all managers at ease. 
  • I invite a guest to our weekly department heads meeting. This guest is asked to address all the managers and give us his/her impressions/suggestions about the hotel and ways to improve service to keep him/her happy.
  • And of course all the other standard programs like the guest of the day, manager’s reception, employee of the month etc etc.
I have several guest comments telling us "this is the best hotel they have stayed in"....

My staff "want to come to work".... 

  • We celebrate Staff Birthdays. 
  • I am a firm believer in empowerment. My staff’s response is very positive and our guests are very satisfied. 
  • We plan to have all kinds of staff activities/parties this year (summer Bar-b-que, X-Mas party), and the staff is very excited about this. 
  • We also have monetary incentives for front desk and Housekeeping departments, and there is a healthy competition amongst the staff. 
  • Every Sunday staff is allowed to eat free from our Sunday brunch. They appreciate it so much that they come personally to express it.
All the above and much more that we do day in and day out keeps my guests happy. And I feel it is because my staff is happy.

And that is a major focus for me. It not only improves my staff retention, but has played a big role in improving my guest retention and by word of mouth I think it might have added to my REVPAR. In these times, what more can I ask for.

This is just a very brief synopsis of what I am doing as far as MBH goes.

I thought it might be a good idea to share this with you and get your thoughts on the subject. 

Anuraag Mullick can be reached at

Anuraag Mullick, CHA
Days Inn Hotel And Conference Center
Meadville, PA
814 337 4264

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