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Training Outline

E-mail:  [email protected]
Staff to be trained: All Guest Contact Positions

Components of Training:

Service Standards – 8 hours (2 hour training – 6 hours customization) 
One person from each position will help customize a Standing Operating Procedure (SOP) for each position, to be left with the property. Service standards will be specifically tailored to meet or exceed current AAA and MOBIL rating requirements.  This SOP will ensure that all employees are learning all standards and that established standards are not compromised.

Train the Trainer – 32 hours
This training will take one person from each position through a training course on how to effectively train using the SOP.  The trainer will help to establish service standards and will learn how to impart those standards to the rest of the staff.  The trainers will also develop a weekly training plan to cover with all staff members.

Legendary Guest Service Training – 12 hours 
Employees will learn the specifics of great service, from smiling, eye contact, and greeting, to effective listening skills of verbal and non-verbal communication. Employees will learn to anticipate the guests’ needs and exceed their expectations.   F&B employee will also learn to use descriptors when describing menu items and learn to effectively up sell.

Self Evaluation – 8 hours
The self evaluation will be conducted by half of the staff members serving the other half of the staff members while being video taped.  The video will be left with the property.  The Trainer will facilitate the evaluation from both the service staff and the staff members being served.  The staff members being served will evaluate the service.  The employees will evaluate themselves by watching the video.  Employees will become more aware of themselves by evaluating their performance.  This will be at the conclusion of the above training and we will be able to see the results of the training.

We  recommend that a Guest Service Training refresher class be held every six months and SOP be revisited every year with updates as needed. Train the Trainer should be held as needed, based on turnover of Designated Trainers.

Training sessions will be coordinated
and scheduled as required to meet
operational needs

Harry Nobles
(800) 750-5666
email:[email protected]

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