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M3 Accounting Grows to 50 Clients
within 40 Months
Gainesville, Georgia, August 20, 2002 - The first hotel management company began using M3 accounting application, AccKnowledge(r), and M3 data mining tool, InnQuire(r), on April 1st of 1999.  Now, 40 months and 49 management companies later, the 50th management company, Premier Hotel Group of Tucson, Arizona, has selected M3 Accounting to be their back-office accounting and executive data mining provider.

"M3 will give me the big picture each morning," Said Chris Talbot, Vice President of Operations as a reason for his joining M3 Accounting.  "I want the control and flexibility to create and edit reports that show data from different perspectives.  Also, Premier needs scalability, so that we don't leave our software behind as we grow," Chris added.

As an Application Service Provider, M3 hosts proprietary Hotel-Specific(r) software and hardware in a way that enables your accounting team and your operations team to have more control-daily-over hotel transactions.

Using M3 IT services, more of your management company's limited capital-in terms of both money and time-can be focused on guest service...rather than on building and maintaining complex computer systems.  Today, more so than just a year or two ago, you need the most efficient data gathering and reporting functionality possible.  M3 has it-Almost as a "plug and play" machine.

50 management companies, coming together, harvest more functionality from their technology dollars than any one can, by itself.  Drawing confidence and support from each participating client since 1999, M3 has continually increased its service offerings, which now include: Hosted Time and Attendance software, LaborWatch(r) Daily Labor Reporting and Payroll integration.

These 50 companies, who manage full service restaurants, quick serve restaurants, limited service hotels, full service hotels, contract food service companies, catering operations, apartments, condominiums, development companies, retail stores, resorts and golf courses have made M3 "The #1 Provider of Hosted Back-Office Solutions in the Hospitality Industry."

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Rick Frommer 
M3 Accounting & Payroll 
770.297.1925 X375 office
770.329.9704  cell-Anytime
[email protected]

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