So You Built a Great Hotel, But How's Your Response Time? 
While You Guess, A Guest May Be Waiting.

HotelEXPERT Introduces a Fresh Technology Solution – 
Rapid Response Software

April 2001

Guest calls are entered from any telephone or PC on a local Area Network, which may be “smartly” dispatched to pagers or radioed to employees for completion. An alarm sounds for missed calls, and if the situation persists, the system pages a Supervisor or MOD.

As a “tasking” software, HotelEXPERT reduces paper work and meetings, yet increases efficiency significantly. Thousand of tasks are completed virtually paperless.

Information previously traced on hard to read log sheets can be analyzed via HotelEXPERT’s on screen reports and graphs.

Major properties ranging from 150 to 1,400 rooms now use HotelEXPERT to deliver superior service. In 1997 HotelEXPERT was voted as ”Best New ProductTechnology” at the IH/M&R Show in New York.

What started off as an idea to eliminate logbooks has blossomed into what is now known as HotelEXPERT Rapid Response System.  HotelEXPERT was conceived by Val Reyes when he served as GM for both the Empire New York and The Barbizon Hotel. Having found most guest activity logs indecipherable, he set out to standardize record-keeping by using one computerized form for all tasks, eventually branching through a Local Area Network in 1993. All operations activity and guest calls were pooled into one central database. The hotel’s conglomerate parent, Metromedia Company, released HotelEXPERT in 1996. 

Satisfying a new technology niche in the hotel industry

Much of a hotel’s tasks continue to be logged on paper, and with it the requisite manpower to manage paper trail is perpetuated.  HotelEXPERT is the software that handles activity outside the traditional software strongholds: sales & catering, property management system (PMS), telecommunications and accounting. It offers three strong suites: 

  • alarmed dispatching and paging, 
  • tasking and 
  • database management. 
Disconnectivity is eliminated among operational departments, putting everyone on the same page with 

Guest Comment Card Tracking

Guest Comment Cards 
So far, they’ve been High Priority tasks with Low Priority attention. The reason for that is simple...there has been no simple way to manage them.

Commentator Changes the rules.
Immediately see a list of actions taken for a guest: letters sent or e-mailed (thank you, apology) Amends or Rebates generated, or, if a phone call was made.

Decentralize your GCC response. 
Involve your department heads without losing track of responses. if your hotel uses HotelExpert, complaints can be quickly researched, and therefore, allowing a quick response

Survey can be customized.
Supplement your main questionnaire with smaller surveys, for example, for the restaurant, health club or Business Center. A Question Bank allows you to shuffle new or existing questions, ensuring relevance.

Run reports anytime.
A dynamic snapshot of your ratings trend isavailable. You can now act before you even receive the traditional end-of-month GCC summaries.

Failure does cost something.
Use Commentator's Rebates and Amends reporting to track cost. The good news is now you know where you stand.

on-line information on guest requests and complaints, internal projects and task scheduling. Meetings become unnecessary and operational decisions are fact-driven rather than intuition-driven. 

HotelEXPERT, with its unique alarm system, forces staff to focus on rapid response to customers. This approach can influence a customer’s decision to recommend or himself return to a property. When used in Local Area Networks, tremendous cost savings are realized and long-term efficiencies derived. 

HotelEXPERT connects all hotel departments. 
Departments use data differently. 

For example, Sales can schedule Room Service Amenity request. Room Service sees the entry and Rm Svc waiter delivers amenity. Room Service Manager runs a report to pay gratuities waiters at end-of-week. At month-end, Accounting can run a report and charge back originating departments. 

Many revisions without paperwork! Eliminates meetings!

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Metromedia Software, Inc. is based in New York City. The company focuses on development and support of hotel operations software. Metromedia Software, Inc products have been installed in over 100 hotels, ranging in size from 200 to 3,000 rooms.

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