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Attitude Can Make the Difference

January 2001

Please take a minute and try to recall your most memorable hotel stay; now try to remember exactly what made it so memorable. By the way, to be truly objective, I suggest you exclude honeymoons and similar experiences. 

What made the greatest impression?  Was it the view, the architecture, the decor, or some other physical attribute?  Was it the quality and variety of dining options or menu choices?  While all of these things no doubt made some impression and contributed to your overall sense of satisfaction, I would suggest that the staff’s attitude, conduct, and job performance were also major factors.

Over the years,  I have had the  pleasure and the privilege to stay in many of the world’s finest hotels.  I have seen outstanding examples of luxurious design, architecture, and decor located in some of the most scenic places on earth.  I have sampled creative and exotic cuisine prepared by world class chefs.  While these things have certainly influenced my opinions regarding hotel experiences,  my favorite memories of hotels always involve employees and the services they perform.   I have never left a hotel awed by the variety of bathroom amenities.  I have often left a hotel profoundly impressed by the staff.

What distinguishes one hotel from another?  What makes some employees more memorable than others?  I suggest it is the attitude exhibited and the manner in which service is delivered.  I believe there is much truth in the axiom:   “An employee with a negative attitude will rarely deliver superior service; an employee with a positive attitude will rarely deliver poor service."

I do not believe that a positive attitude can be created or taught; I believe it can be encouraged and nurtured.  I have observed that many hotel employees are hired because they appear to have the requisite technical skills.  Managers then expend enormous resources trying unsuccessfully to instill a positive guest-oriented attitude. I would suggest the obvious alternative: hire employees with people skills and teach them the technical things.  

As a guest, I am far more tolerant of a technical mishap committed by a cordial and caring employee than of an unsmiling and efficient robot who is capable of correctly performing all the clerical  functions.  Guest research data indicates that many others share this feeling. 

Next time, some thoughts on fostering a positive attitude among your employees.


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