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Micros Systems, Inc. Provides Complete POS System to World’s Largest Cruise Ship - The Carnival Destiny

February 5, 1997, Beltsville, MD -- MICROS Systems, Inc., one of the world's leading providers of hospitality information technology, today announced that Carnival Destiny, the world’s largest cruise ship, has selected the MICROS PC Workstations (PCWS) and the MICROS 8700 Hospitality Management System (HMS) to manage its on-board food, beverage, and photo operations.

The MICROS PCWS is a fully functional PC that combines the industry’s largest touchscreen display with an integrated CPU in a single compact unit, and the MICROS 8700 HMS is a powerful multitasking, multi-user hospitality management system.

Thirty-two MICROS Adjustable Display PCWS units in the ship’s dining rooms allow waiters to rapidly relay guests’ cruise-included meal orders to the kitchen for speedy food preparation, and an additional eighty-three PCWS units serve the ship’s bars and nightclubs. MICROS customized the 8700 HMS application running on the PCWS units to recognize minors through use of passenger identification cards prior to a transaction. When the system recognizes minors, alcoholic beverage orders may not be entered into the system.

“The design and flexibility of the PCWS and the feature-rich 8700 HMS satisfied our wide variety of environments and applications,“ said Jim Lazazzera, Carnival’s Director of Shipboard Systems and Support Services. “We needed a high performance system that is also suitable for our decor. On a cruise ship, space is at a premium, so the small footprint and big viewing area of the PCWS provides a winning combination.”

The Carnival Destiny is unique in that on average 2,800 passengers sit down for dinner at each seating, and all food orders are sent to the kitchen within a 15 minute period. MICROS and Carnival jointly designed a kitchen monitor system using MICROS PCWS units into which servers enter orders. The kitchen monitors display a running count of food items being prepared for the meal period, and the expediter simply keys in the table number as orders are picked up.

“The MICROS PCWS units work well in every venue for the Destiny. Speed of service is especially critical when all kitchen orders need to be placed in a short time frame.” said Rick Lamy, MICROS’s Vice President of Major Account Sales. “With the customized kitchen monitor system, communications between the chef, expediter and server are greatly enhanced. The chef knows at all times how many orders he needs to complete because the running count is automatically decreased when the expediter picks up a food order. Guests receive their food orders quickly, resulting in an enhanced dining experience.”

For more information on MICROS’s complete hospitality information processing solutions, please contact Katrina Pruitt-Andrews at (301) 210-8052 or call 1-800-638-0985. Visit the MICROS home page or email us at

MICROS Systems, Inc., headquartered in Beltsville, MD, develops, markets and supports complete information technology solutions for the hospitality industry worldwide. MICROS stock is traded through NASDAQ under the symbol MCRS.

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