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The Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research, Volume 1, Issue 2, was recently released with the following table of contents:
Assessing Macro Environment Trends in Singapore: Implications for Tourism Marketers" by Kau Ah Keng
"Economics of Venue Selection for Special Sporting Events: With Special Reference to the 1996 Melbourne Grand Prix" by Ari Gamage and Bronwyn Higgs
"Tourism Development in Cambodia: An Analysis of Opportunities and Barriers" by Paul Leung, Terry Lam, and Simon Wong
"Modeling Domestic Holiday Tourism Demand in Australia: Problems and Solutions" by Krishna Hamal
"Definitions of Adventure Travel: Conceptual Framework for Empirical Application from the Provider's Perspective" by Heidi H. Sung, Alastair Morrison, and Joseph O'Leary
"Positioning a Tourism Destination to Gain a Competitive Edge," by Harsha E. Chacko
"Launching of the Asia Pacific Tourism Association - a conference report" by Bang-Sik Lee and Seong-Seop Kim
"Advances in Hospitality and Tourism Research: Conference on Grauate Education and Graduate Students Research" by Agnes L. DeFranco, K.S. Chon, and Robert Bosselman
APJTR is an official publication of the Asia Pacific Tourism Association and published two times annually.  

For subscription orders (and sample copies), please direct your inquiry to the APTA Headquarters at: Dong-A University, Dept of Tourism, 840 Hadan-dong, Saha-gu, Pusan 604-714, S. Korea; Fax +82-51-205-7767. 

The 1997 Annual Conference of APTA will be held in Taipei, Taiwan, August 15-18, 1997. 

Posted by Kaye Chon May 20, 1997 

 Submitted by: KChon@UH.EDU May 21, 1997

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