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Get Over It and Move On

Shep Hyken | July 19, 2019

By Shep Hyken Something bad happens. There’s nothing you can do about it. It happened—and now you have a choice. You can let it bother you. Let it fester inside of you. Let it impact your mood. Let it ruin your day or your week. Make you irritable and not pleasant to be around. Or… you can get over it and move on! Just a few weeks ago the St. Louis Blues hockey team, which I’m a huge fan of, won the Stanley Cup championship against the Boston Bruins. They went all the way to Game Seven. For those that don’t know, all the Stanley Cup games leading up to and including the finals are played as a best of seven series. The first t...

The New Guest DNA

Paul O’Reilly-Hyland | July 17, 2019

By Paul O’Reilly-Hyland It is no secret that the average consumer is changing. Across industries, purchasing behavior and expectations have been shifting in recent years, and no industry is immune, including hospitality. The industry as we know it is shifting into overdrive to satisfy a new generation of Instagram-savvy travelers who expect instant gratification in every area of their lives. With this new breed of guests here to stay, hotels are upgrading their services to stay ahead of the curve. Tech-Savvy People across the world are exponentially more tech-savvy than they were even a few years ago. Regardless of age, almost ever...

Why You Need to Constantly Reinvent Your Hotel

Larry Mogelonsky | July 17, 2019

By Larry Mogelonsky, MBA, P. Eng. ( In this current age of disruption, we are being challenged on multiple fronts for the hearts and minds of our consumers. While the hotel industry has been quite buoyant over the past few years, this does not mean that these numbers will continue perpetually. As the only constant is change, you need to start thinking of how you are going to profoundly upgrade the guest experience in order to make yourself future proof. For instance, you can longer myopically think that such factors like the growth of the home sharing economy have not had an effect on our businesses, especially when y...

The Hotel Services Americans Think Will Be Made Easier Through Technology

July 11, 2019

• Americans would most like to access a map of their respective hotel and the surrounding area (63%) via a mobile phone • Thereafter, 58% are keen on using a mobile device to book a hotel restaurant reservation as opposed to doing it in-person • Interestingly, 38% are in favor of a mobile phone application that would enable them to monitor as well as pay for purchases around the hotel • Majority of holidaymakers would happily pay more for the option of flexible check-in/check-out times (74%) • Subsequently, 47% don’t mind splashing out a premium to access a 24-hour digital concierge The summer is finally here and for many t...

What Signals Are You Unintentionally Sending Your Customers?

Shep Hyken | July 11, 2019

By Shep Hyken I first came across this idea in the book Moments of Truth by Jan Carlzon, which I consider one of the most important books written on customer service. By the way, Carlzon’s definition of a Moment of Truth in business is, “Any time a customer comes into contact with any aspect of your business, however remote, they have an opportunity to form an impression.” That’s every contact and interaction with the company. Carlzon used the example of a coffee-stained tray table. How does that affect the customer’s opinion of the rest of the plane? What if the landing gear is as poorly maintained as the tray tables? Okay, m...

Proactive Customer Support

Shep Hyken | July 8, 2019

By Shep Hyken Just last week I wrote about the concept of predictive customer support. Now, we take a slightly different angle with the concept of proactive customer support. The concept is simple. The company reaches out to the customer before the customer has a chance to reach out to the company. More often than not, the customer may not even know they have a problem. As an example, when does a typical customer find out their cable TV is out? Usually when they turn the TV on. Then there’s frustration and even anger. Typically, the customer will pick up the phone to report the problem and hope the customer service agent can help them...

Tourism Tidbits: Tourism and Human Resources

Dr. Peter Tarlow | July 2, 2019

By Dr. Peter Tarlow Many travelers, and most vacationers, see a tourism experience as a luxury or way to pamper oneself.  Often people will work an entire year for the sake of a few weeks of “vacation magic.” Without good employees, no matter how luxurious the circumstances are, the dream vacation has the potential to turn into a nightmare.  Tourism success, to a great extent then, depends on the quality of your business’ or tourism office’s human resources.  Tourism managers must find ways to inspire employees provide their guests with the best experience possible. Ironically, tourism experiences are rarely a question of money ...

Coyle Hospitality Group Reaches Milestone, Provides Mystery Shopping to Its 1000th Independent Restaurant

Coyle Hospitality Group | July 1, 2019

July 1, 2019, NYC – Coyle Hospitality Group, the world’s leading provider of customer experience consulting, quality assurance and mystery shopping, has been contracted for services by its 1000th independent restaurant. The milestone achievement comes after 23 years of consulting with restaurants located around the world and spanning all types of eateries, from fast-casual to fine dining, and from single location to multi-unit, multi-national operations. Coyle’s panel of independent restaurant mystery shoppers are professionals who measure performance and provide detailed, step-by-step narratives and photos of their dining experience...

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