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Lund December 2014: Zaplox AB is with its leading edge technology within mobile keys, an excellent example of the strategic technology trends that are talking about mobile devices continuing to proliferate, and the prediction of an increased emphasis on serving the needs of the mobile user in diverse contexts and environments. Now, Zaplox is upgrading the system in order to prepare for integrations with more partners and a rapid expansion.

The Zaplox mobile key system has been in commercial use since 2011, and has continuously been developed to fit the need of customers and partners. Zaplox works with the hospitality business and its system and lock providers, but also other businesses with a need of easy and efficient access is in the target group. The system is not only offering the basic mobile key function, but also many additional values through the smart services that can be added and customized. Now however, a major facelift is done in order to prepare for the future. Peter Furby, Development Manager, comments the technology investments that have been done:

“During the year we have invested in a fully scalable solution. Our system always plays a part in a bigger context, where the integrations between different systems are crucial in order to meet the customer needs. For many of the customers the mobile key is central for a lot of services like checkin/out, booking of rooms, upgrades or offers. The goal for Zaplox is to fulfil those needs without loosing focus on the mobile key.”

To be able to distribute thousands of keys in a few seconds creates a lot of possibilities and savings. To do this in an automated way in harmony with other processes in the company creates even more potential.

“When we had the technology behind the mobile key apps and the BLE in place, we saw new possibilities to improve and we have now invested in the eco-system by developing new apps, cloud services and hardware support. This makes mobile keys a new business possibility for a modern enterprise within hospitality or access management”, Peter Furby adds.

The technology platform is relaunched, as well as the app, at the same time as Zaplox takes important steps in their expansion plans.

”We have launched Zaplox 2.0 because we want to make the integration to our partners easy and smooth and that in turn makes the system extremely scalable. It already now can support all locks and hotel systems and works on all smartphones, but with this we take it one step further. Our aim now is to expand with partners and customers globally”, says Magnus Friberg, CEO at Zaplox AB.

Source:, Gartner Identifies the Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2015

About Zaplox AB – Global Provider of Mobile Keys

Zaplox AB – Global Provider of Mobile Keys

Zaplox operates globally and offers hotels and companies efficient mobile keys and systems for opening doors with smartphones, as well as the possibility to create new services and added value through the use of mobile applications. Systems from Zaplox have been in commercial use since 2011, and are installed in hotels, holiday dwellings and offices. They are easy to use and work on all smartphones. The Zaplox system can support all locks, hotel systems and access systems, and can replace or coexist with key cards, code locks and physical keys. Zaplox was founded in 2010 in Ideon Science Park Lund, Sweden.

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