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Lund October 2014: The innovative mobile key service and system, developed by Zaplox AB, is now part of Hotel Schani Vienna’s initiative  for better guest experience. The app that you easily download to your smartphone, offers on top of its mobile key function a range of useful services, for example check in and check out. It also makes it possible for the hotel to communicate with its guests in a flexible and customer friendly way.

Hotel Schani Vienna is part of the prestigious research project FutureHotel, which began in 2008 as an initiative of Fraunhofer IAO, (Fraunhofer is Europe’s largest application oriented research organization), to identify new opportunities in the hotel industry and to use them to develop sustainable concepts and solutions.

Benedikt Komarek, CEO at Hotel Schani Vienna, comments the cooperation with Zaplox: "By using the latest technologies, our goal is to make our guests’ visit at our hotel a great experience of a smooth and modern new generation hotel. Choosing the Zaplox mobile key solution is an important part of that work.”

”We are proud to support Hotel Schani Vienna’s strive for improving their guests’ stay at the hotel. Our system has been in commercial use since 2011, it can support all locks and hotel systems and works on all smartphones. In addition to being a mobile key, the system offers a lot of added value to the hotel and its guests”, says Magnus Friberg, CEO at Zaplox AB.

”Almost all of our guests own a smartphone so we expect that they will both appreciate and start using this service directly. Of course we will still offer alternatives if they don’t have access to a smartphone. And the app is developed with new interesting guest services along the way”, says Benedikt Komarek.

Zaplox has delivered the solution to Hotel Schani Vienna together with the lock provider Häfele and the PMS system provider Hetras. The new mobile key system is integrated in the locks and hotel system.

”In a way you can call it mobile keys all inclusive: for the hotel, it can be a new business possibility where you can communicate with your guests very efficiently. For the vacation visitor it is a way to prolong the vacation, since you can check in in advance, get information about the hotel and the locations etc, and for the business traveller, it makes the trip time efficient and easy”, concludes Magnus Friberg. 

About Zaplox AB

Zaplox AB – Global Provider of Mobile Keys, operates globally and offers hotels andcompanies efficient mobile keys and systems for managing door locks with smartphones, as well as the possibility to create new guest services and added value through the use of mobile applications. Systems from Zaplox have been in commercial use since 2011, and are installed in hotels, ski resorts and offices. They are easy to use and work on all smartphones. The Zaplox system can support all locks, hotel systems and access system, and can replace or coexist with key cards, code locks and physical keys. Zaplox was founded in 2010 in the city of Lund, Sweden.

Contact: Magnus Friberg / +46706580760

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