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Study Reveals ‘OTA Premium’: Travelers Who Book Through OTAs Stay Longer, Spend More During Trips

March 14, 2018

Oxford Economics and Expedia analyzed nearly 100,000 trips to ascertain spending habits of travelers by booking type Seattle, Wash., March 14, 2018...

Klobuchar Urges Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission to Investigate Potential Existence of Deceptive Conduct by Online Travel Agencies

November 7, 2017

While the large online travel agencies serve an important role in promoting consumer choice and competition for hotel and airline bookings, their size and...

Global OTA Customer: The Value of the International Booker for U.S. Hotel Properties

October 30, 2017

Global customer reach is invaluable for hotels. The many advantages that come with an international booker include a higher average daily rate, and longer...

OTAs Are Under Pressure — Time to Show Why Direct Is Best

October 27, 2017

By Clare Hutchison OTAs hit the headlines in the UK today as authorities unveiled a major investigation into their practices. The British competition watchdog...

Changing the Rules of the Game for Hotel Bookings

October 20, 2017

By Giuliano Bianchi and Isabella Blengini  Last month the Swiss Parliament ratified a decision to allow Swiss hotels operating on to...

Tambourine Shares We’re Using the Wrong Message to Fight OTAs

October 10, 2017

Looks like we might have been going about this all wrong. The thought that a guest’s primary travel concern is saving money is an assumption that needs...

These Are the OTAs People Are Talking About on and off Social Media

June 20, 2017

NEW YORK, NY (June 20, 2017) – In a new, first of its kind analysis of combined offline and online consumer conversations, Engagement Labs released...

Where the OTAs are Going Next: The Evolution of Voice Search for Hotels

December 15, 2016

By Natasha Prats At the recent Skift Global Forum 2016, the major OTAs discussed the future of online travel. Most of them are pretty convinced that the...

How Hotels Can Use Urgency Like the OTAs to Drive Bookings

September 26, 2016

By Tris Heaword Many people have a natural tendency to procrastinate, choosing to put things off until the very last minute.  But in the world of...

How Hotels Make Their OTA Addiction Worse

July 6, 2016

The cycle of OTA dependence is all too real and aggravating. But, it’s time to face the facts. fault, not the OTA’s, if an OTA-driven guest...

Three Tips to Become an Online Superstar

July 6, 2016

By Jean Francois Mourier, CEO of REVPAR GURU Hopefully you have been reading my articles over the past few years and you’re familiar with my ...

Drive Direct Bookings by Getting to Know Your Guests

March 17, 2016

We all know why hoteliers use OTAs. They are there to help you out, keep revenue up and room occupancy levels as high as possible. But over time, OTAs have...

Resort Specific Insights: Non-OTA Reservations Booked 61% Further in Advance

November 10, 2015

It’s no surprise that OTAs are a hot topic. Even so, resort-specific insights when it comes to OTA use are few and far between. We’re trying to do...

Et tu, Brute? Why “Book on Google” and “Book on TripAdvisor” Will Be a Nightmare for the Industry

September 28, 2015

By Max Starkov   Topic of the Day   Background Following the lead of, which has turned itself into a meta-OTA-type of a service for...

New Survey Reveals U.S. Consumers’ Growing Reliance and Trust in Online Travel Agencies

September 28, 2015

A majority of Americans rely on OTAs when searching for hotel accommodations; Nearly 70 percent see booking on an online travel platform as convenient and...

Google Just Upended Hotel Distribution

September 28, 2015

By Greg Abbott Google has quietly changed its approach to the hotel industry in a big way. Separate initiatives have combined to expand Google's hotel...

Klobuchar, Lee Call on Department of Justice to Closely Scrutinize Orbitz-Expedia Merger

July 30, 2015

Online travel agencies serve an important role in encouraging a competitive market for airlines, hotels, and rental cars and provide consumers with an...

Florida Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Online Travel Agents

June 11, 2015

Online travel innovators help support Florida’s $76 billion tourism economy; 1.1 million jobs Tallahassee, FL – June 11, 2015 – The Travel...

The Science of Sorting; Secur Higher Page Positions on Sorted Search Results

July 23, 2013

By Jean Francois Mourier Many hotel revenue managers live and die by their page position on OTA default searches. From Expedia¹s Most Popular picks, to...

Regatta Travel Solutions Signs Deal with Major OTA to Drive Qualified Traffic to CVB Websites

July 10, 2013

Charlottesville, Virginia (July 10, 2013) - Regatta Travel Solutions is breaking new ground once again.  Today the Company announced that it has signed an...

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