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Hotels By Day: A New Opportunity for Travelers and Hotels

July 7, 2015

By Kirsten Z. Smiley, July 2015 A new company envisions booking otherwise vacant hotel rooms in efficient blocks of time during the daylight hours,...

2015 Hotel Investment and Finance Opportunities: Hotel Values and Brand Proliferation

June 25, 2015

By Jim Butler and the Global Hospitality Group® Author of June 2015 Stephen Rushmore, Jr., President and CEO of HVS, speaks in the...

Understanding Online Distribution Channels by Juan Duran of HVS

June 24, 2015

This article covers the importance for hotels to invest in three online distribution channels – the website, Global Distribution Systems, and Online Travel...

Five Key Takeaways from the 2015 NYU International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference

June 23, 2015

By Daniel P. McCoy, Sara E. Olson and Dorothy A. Jennings Encouraging news about hotel demand, investment, and new supply inspires optimism at this year’s...

Low Oil Prices and Oil-Dependent Canadian Lodging Markets

June 11, 2015

By Jason WightJun 11, 2015 Helping Investors Understand Oil-Dependent Lodging Markets in Canada. After three years of stable oil prices, the energy sector was...

HVS Releases 2015 U.S. Hotel Valuation Index

June 2, 2015

HVS, the world’s leading hospitality consulting and valuation firm, in collaboration with Smith Travel Research, is pleased to deliver the 2015 U.S. Hotel...

HVS Perspectives on the All-Inclusive Product

June 1, 2015

By Kristina M. D'AmicoToday's rising popularity of all-inclusive resorts is directly correlated to the value proposition for the guest. The resorts that offer...

Four Key Takeaways | Meet the Money 2015

May 19, 2015

By Susan Furbay, Li Chen and Luigi Major Hoteliers and financiers met in Los Angeles to discuss the pitfalls and possibilities for U.S. hotel investment as...

Fixed Expenses Aren’t Really Fixed!

May 18, 2015

By Kirby D. Payne, May 15, 2015In most hotel P&Ls, usually towards the bottom, is a heading called Non-Operating Income and Expense, formerly known as Fixed...

U.S. Hotel Supply Growth Still in Check with Demand

May 12, 2015

by Susan Furbay  MAY 2015  Years of rising average daily rates and demand, among other factors, have made the ground fertile for new hotel supply....

3 Hot Topics Presented at the HOLA Investment Conference 2015

May 11, 2015

By Mariana Jackson The 2015 HOLA (Hotel Opportunities Latin America) Conference took place April 28-30 at the J.W. Marriott Marquis Hotel in Miami. The...

Three Key Takeaways: 2015 HELP - Hotel Equity & Lender Perspectives Conference

May 5, 2015

By Anne Lloyd-Jones, Brian Bisema, and Preston Puleo Hotel experts and stakeholders convened in Boston to present positive trends in U.S. hotel lending,...

What Does the California Drought Mean for the Hospitality Community?

April 30, 2015

By Diane Vondrasek This article summarizes the impact of the California drought on the hospitality community, including a review of the recent Executive Order...

Lifestyle Hotels: The Emergence of a New Creative Class

April 23, 2015

April 2015  By Zeina R. Fawaz  How It All Started  The Lifestyle niche has gained momentum in recent years and has evolved into an established...

US Cities Achieve World Class Status as Foreign Investment Booms

April 22, 2015

By Kathy Conroy, Apr 16, 2015 This article offers a comparison of international investment in US Hotels during periods of strong hotel operating performance...

HVS Report Reveals Franchising is the Preferred Method of Expansion

April 22, 2015

2 April 2015, London: Over half of the world's hotels are now branded properties, with franchising being the operating model of choice for most of the large...

Five Key Takeaways from Hunter Conference 2015

April 14, 2015

The 2015 Hunter Hotel Conference shone light on how hoteliers can take advantage of present performance trends and high demand. Experts also raised concern...

Six Proven Strategies for Investing in Your Hotel’s Back of the House

April 14, 2015

By Kevin A. GoldsteinHoteliers who invest in their back of the house equipment both reduce their utility costs and minimize the possibility of revenue...

Metamediaries Forcing Hotels to Adapt

April 7, 2015

By Chris Nieberding Online travel agencies (OTAs) were among the first to enter this realm. Today, new companies are attempting to compete with the OTAs...

Hotel Values Rise Across Europe with Madrid Seeing Biggest Hike, Says HVS Hotel Valuation Index

March 2, 2015

02 March 2015, London: Europe’s hotels witnessed their fifth consecutive year of value growth last year, with properties in the UK and Southern Europe seeing...

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