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Vacation Ownership:
Coming of Age with the Consumer

Prepared by: Interval International

Resort timesharing, also known as vacation ownership, is now in a phase of explosive global expansion and likely to continue so. With industry sales hitting the $5.5 billion mark in 1996, successful real estate developers across the country and around the world are examining the incredible profit opportunities inherent in the development of resort timeshare properties. Whether the purchase is made as fee-simple ownership or right-to-use, timeshare sales contribute directly to the success of a real estate development.

A critical factor in the timeshare resort development process is selecting a dynamic partner who can provide strategies and creative support. Interval International is recognized as the partner of choice for both brand-name and quality independent developers who are seeking top - flight industry expertise backed by customized service, innovation and leadership.

"We thrive on creating a quality partnership with our clients. Over 20 years, we set out to complement the timeshare developers' efforts by providing quality vacation exchanges for their customers," said Craig M. Nash, president and chief executive officer of Interval International. "As the industry has grown and developer needs have become more complex our role has steadily expanded. We always have been - and always will be - client focused."

Historically, almost $50 billion of timeshare has been sold worldwide. Today, there are more than 4,500 resort in 81 countries, and more than 3.3 million owners. Timeshare continues to attract an economically diverse consumer audience. Recent research indicates the median income of U.S. timeshare owners is $71,000. Interval International members have even higher median incomes, at $75,820.

"Escalating consumer demand and an increasingly segmented owner base are driving product positioning through brand name identification, product differentiation, and price segmentation," said American Resort Development Association president Thomas C. Franks. "There is also a heightened focus by the industry on enhancing flexibility through exchange companies, club systems, hotel frequent guest programs, and other innovation travel options."

According to industry analysts, several factors account for the acceptance of timeshare as an alternative to the typical hotel vacation.

Together, these factors have played an important role in driving worldwide sales of timeshare intervals to record highs.

Interval International:
The Quality Vacation Exchange Network

"We earned our reputation for quality by dedication ourselves to a higher level of customer service and exchange experiences," commented Nash. The result is that many high profile companies in the industry have recognized the value this dedication brings to their operation and have partnered with Interval International for a variety of service and support solutions.

"We have the honor of serving as the exchange partner for Marriott, Hyatt, and Four Season, as well as for many leading independents. Quality is our company's primary focus and the caliber of our member resort properly reflects our commitment to a higher standard," continued Nash.

Interval International:
Impact Beyond Exchange

Interval's strategic vision has led the industry through two decades of continual growth and Interval's imagination has shaped the industry with a succession of innovations. Interval continually pioneers ways to help its developer clients lower the cost of making the sale, enhance buyer satisfaction, and improve profitability. Interval provides and array of resources for timeshare development success that is a useful to the industry newcomer as to the experienced resort developer.

Working with its sister companies, CCSI and Interval Resort and Financial Services, Interval enhances and complements its developer clients' strengths - and provides seamless support and a variety of outsourcing options. From program design to reservation services, Interval is there every step of the way.

As new technologies revolutionize the industry, the Interval companies are uniquely qualified to provide everything from management information systems to multimedia sales and marketing tools. Whether you're puzzling through the maze of point - based, club, and other flexible vacation ownership program options, or seeking to outsource receivables and reservation handling, Interval can provide assistance. Call on Interval experts for collaborative guidance to select, implement and operate the most appropriate program.

Industry Forecast:
Continued Growth

Vacation ownership is already the fastest - growing segment of the hospitality industry, and analysts and experts are predicting a future that includes even more expansion.

"The timeshare industry has a growth rate of 17% a year and even that may increase as it becomes a more mainstream product. It is conceivable that worldwide sales will reach $20 billion in the next five to seven years," said Paula Morabito, a consultant the E&Y/Kenneth Leventhal Real Estate Group.

This growth trend is supported worldwide by the boom in disposable income that much of the developing world is experiencing. In Asia, a new generation numbering in the hundreds of millions is spending as never before on leisure, travel, and tourism., both within and beyond its regional boundaries. Huge populations in latin America are embarking on a similar course. In Europe, too, the numbers are rising, especially in the East, reflecting the spread of political and economic freedoms.

"Timesharing today is becoming a mainstream product. As the industry evolves and offers more flexible options, more consumers everywhere will be interested in our products," said Nash.

There are exceptional opportunities for developers, and Interval International is committed to offering all its resources to promote success for its developer clients. Informed leadership, consistent focus, commitment to quality, a cooperative and collaborative attitude - only Interval offers these advantages to help you succeed in today's world of vacation ownership.

David Gilbert, Vice President Resort Sales
Interval International
6262 Sunset Drive
Miami, FL 33143
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