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Enhanced Time & Attendance Features in TimeCentre v3.O!

BOULDER, Co, AUGUST 18,1997, KONETIX, INC., an innovator in Windows-based time, attendance and labor tracking systems, announced today the debut of TimeCentre v3.O- the latest release which continues to improve upon the industry's first Windows-based timekeeping system. New modular features support larger organizations, manufacturing firms and companies with unique working environments

'The addition of custom pay policies, bill/pay rate matrices, support for divisions and an improved security module, propels TimeCentre 3.0 to the top of the Windows-based time and allendance marketplace," says Lester Karplus, CEO of Konetix, Inc. "Our goal is to provide an affordable system while growing to meet the needs of a more extensive marketplace."

A Benchmark in Functionality

TimeCentre v3.0 has incorporated multiple custom pay policy capabilities into its feature set which allows any number of overtime, double time, consecutive day, Saturday or Sunday premium pay, time away accruals and minimum time payment policies to be individually defined for each employee. Multiple shift differential groups can also be created for particular shift differential rules -- each employee can be assigned to a dtfferent shift differential group. Each rule set can be based on diverse shift definitions and pay incentives.

For companies that need to track billing information, a new bill and pay rate matrix can be added for each employee by department or job, in addition to pay rate information. Organize and display reports by bill rate or pay rate.

'TimeCentre v3.0 addresses the needs of a larger, more sophisticated clientele with security capabilities while still providing a full featured, affordable solution for smaller companies by way of our 'a la carte' approach," explains Tucker Muhrer, Vice President of Sales.

Added Security Module

TimeCentre v3.D has responded to the network security issue that larger companies encounter. The new TimeCentre security module has been specifically designed for network installations -- allowing administrators to regulate access to data. Forms and reports can be restricted, viewed or edited by division and/or department. Using TimeCentre's new security filters, a manager can, for example, view the whole company's reports, but can only edit their own department's exceptions.

Division Support

In situations where multiple locations report to a centralized payroll office, TimeCentre division support makes it easy to report on each individual location. Employees can move between divisions and receive one pay check while reporting can show the activity for each division. This division feature is positioned for larger companies where there are different cost centers that cannot be defined as departments. It provides a separate reporting and export capability for each division.

TimeCentre's v3.O "Open" System Equals More Options and Easier Access

With TimeCentre, customers can build upon an "open" platform that encourages adaptability. TimeCentre's ODBC compliant Microsoft Access database allows powerful form and report creation and customization. A custom object controller supports synchronization with product upgrades, manages multiple custom situations and eliminates the need to re-enter and manage updates within the software.

TimeCentre also directly supports a multitude of data capture devices for all types of workforces, from electronic data clocks to the latest in mobile scanning units, telephony technology, PC entry systems and biometric hand readers.

The TimeCentre website has been redesigned and can be accessed at


Daniella Pentelute

Konetex, Inc.

Telephone: 303-444-8771 ext 1113



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